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    2fast2good's Events and stuff Shop!!

    Welcome 2fast2good Shop!! Welcome to my shop, im very happy to see you here! If you are looking for some legal pokemon you are in the correct place! Cause in my country all are Pura Vida! Some Rules: - All other SPPf rules apply here as well as the TRADE SHOP FORUM RULES. - Don't offer any...
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    Plz Rate my deck (Spellcaster Lockdown)

    Here my recent deck, about spellcasters. Mosters: Magician's Valkyria x3 Breaker the Magical Warrior x3 Defender, the magical knight x3 Chaos Sorcerer x2 Magical Marionette x2 The tricky x2 Magical Exemplar...
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    Rate my team

    I was thinking in some team and come to my head this team Alakazan@Focus sash Anti-Lead Modest EV: 6/x/x/252/x/252 Moves: Psichic Shadow ball Grass knot Focus blast This will be my lead, or anti-lead, becuase with 405 Sp.Atk and 339 Speed, it will be unexpeted, pokes like leads...
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    Foreign ditto or not

    The question is simply, how can i know if my ditto is foreign or not? I put my Jolly ditto with everstone with a English Male Tauros and all pokes have natures others than Jolly. So i take out the tauros and put a Spanish Tauros with the ditto and i have the same result. Can You help me?
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    snow cloak

    why the ability snow cloak is not banned?, if is like sand vail, and better, cause this ability give 20% evasion and many pokemon can learn it
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    i have a question of shinys in this game. i have a shiny ditto (obtain for the gyarados glitch) and have a shiny scyther. If i put those two pokemons on the day care, the eggs have more posibility for been shinys?