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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    I hope Itachi stays.
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    Bleach discussion - 20th anniversary announcement

    Byakuya and Tsukishima's fight would be pretty awesome. I didn't see Ginjou starting to fight or even appear in the last pages...
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    Highschool Of The Dead

    One of the best animes created.
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    An Animé that you would like to see on T.V again.

    I want Bleach and Naruto Shippuden back...
  5. Z

    Yugioh Club

    Yeah, it's alright. Not brilliant like the series but still worth watching.
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    Yugioh Club

    Has anyone watched Yugioh Capsule Monsters?
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    Thanks alot! ^^

    Thanks alot! ^^
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    Yugioh Club

    Sacred? Is this some Fire Attribute Archetype?
  9. Z

    Why is Naruto trying to become One Piece?

    If a magical cool sword appears in Naruto, does that mean it's copying Bleach?
  10. Z

    Only One?

    I liked 4kids ._.
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    Yugioh Club

    Thanks but I didn't make the Jack. It's an avatar that somebody let everyone use.
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    Yugioh Club

    I just made a Yugioh Background! Do you like it? Link
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    Yugioh Club

    I'm guessing that you have never heard of that awesome card.
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    Yugioh Club

    Volcasaurus my baby come to papa!
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    Thanks a lot.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Yugioh Club

    Librarian's gonna be banned for us. Watch closely...
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    Thanks alot!

    Thanks alot!
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    Thanks alot!

    Thanks alot!
  19. Z

    Favorite bleach character?

    Because they have a crush on her.