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  1. Yuugis Black Magician

    Tomioka Atsuhiro (DP-XY Series Composition) What a Head Writer Does

    In an interview for Digimon Adventure: (the 2020 series which he is the head writer of) Tomioka explained what the hell 'series composition' actually means: The full explanation is at the website itself. What we can determine from this is exactly as I've suspected: the story is led by the...
  2. Yuugis Black Magician

    Pocket Wars: New Hampshire [One-Shot; CW/TW]

    Pocket Wars: New Hampshire Arc Based on Pocket Monster by Tajiri Satoshi Written by JulieYBM Notes: •Pocket Wars is set in a continuity that merges various different official Pokemon continuities together, as well as outside influence and ideas. •Akane Redwood is my take on the character...
  3. Yuugis Black Magician

    Dogasu Translates 2015 Iwane Masa'aki Interview

    I hounded the poor guy for three years but the day has come at last when Dogasu has posted his translation of this awesome Iwane Masa'aki interview from the March 2015 issue of Animage! Dogasu also added in helpful translation notes to update some things that have obviously changed in the past...
  4. Yuugis Black Magician

    Iwane Masa'aki streams himself drawing

    At 9PM Japan time Iwane Masa'aki streamed himself drawing some fan art. It's fascinating to see how quickly he moves. He tweeted the finished pictures here and here.
  5. Yuugis Black Magician

    Japanese Fan Comic: "Festival of Champions"

    I'm not sure how this forum likes to handle doujinshi, so I figured I'd post this thread here and then let a moderator move the thread where they deemed necessary. Yesterday I was introduced to the Festival of Champions fan comic created by Tonbo Seijun. Tonbo posts the comic on their account...
  6. Yuugis Black Magician

    DCU: Dragon Crisis (Son Gokû v. Superman)

    DCU: Dragon Crisis (Son Gokû v. Superman) I was bored a few week ago s I threw together a little story, even though this is impossible and I am normally against this sort of thing I decided to throw it together. **** Superman: The Man of Steel Versus Son Gokû: The World’s...
  7. Yuugis Black Magician

    Is FUNi getting the Dragon Box??

    Over on daizex.com Mike/VegetoEX posted news that FUNi will be holding their release of the mysterious 'Season One Set' for a bit longer as they try to get more 'bonus material' and...a remaster for the episode!! Yay dance, celebrate, rejoice!!
  8. Yuugis Black Magician

    Uncut Naruto preview

    Got my preview disc in the new SJ a couple of days ago. I don't think any lines were redone, but at least all blood was kept and so was Rocks and Wind, or whatever the Opening and Endings were. I didn't really bother to listen to the JPN track, simply because there's not much of a...
  9. Yuugis Black Magician

    The Seeking of the General (PG-13)

    The Seeking of the General Written by Yuugi’s Black Magician; based on the creations of Satoshi Tajiri and Game Freak. Introduction At one point in time this story was known as Tales of Passion: A Trainers Passion, but for an ‘eighth revision’ I’ve decided to drastically change...
  10. Yuugis Black Magician

    {Preview} The Seeking of the General (working title)

    Good morning all (well for the west coast) and welcome to the Preview thread for the eighth revision of ToP: ATP, now known as TSotG (working title). I've been writing this reversion for sometime now, (after completeing eight or so chapters of 7.4) and now I've decided to start all over again, I...
  11. Yuugis Black Magician

    Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam 'Chapter 1' Review (Vol. 1 & 2)

    Hello everyone, Merry Christmas!! Today, I got the greatly anticipated first Chapter (Ten episodes spread across two discs, MSRP anout $35) and boy was it great. I agree with Animerica when when they say "[Mobile Suit] Zeta Gundam is one of those shows that everyone should watch". Let's begin...
  12. Yuugis Black Magician

    ARG!! Main character naming: Help WANTED

    I've been writing ToP: ATP for years now, and well dagit, I can't settle on a name. At first it was Jacob [Shogun] *coughmyfirstnamecough* then it went to Kaoru Kaido, then Kunimitsu Tezuka *shootsselffornooriginality* and right now it is at Daichi Usagi. I diffently need some help settling...
  13. Yuugis Black Magician

    The Prince of Tennis: what is its situation in Japan right now?

    So, hmm, I've been wondering what with the Animé finished, exactly how is the Manga going? What is it currently up to, for those with the information on the comic. This might as well also be a discussion thread on it too. I bought Volume 10 of the comic, and boy is Jin one mean little jerk...
  14. Yuugis Black Magician

    Where do you see your story ending?

    Like the title suggest, where exactly do you finally see you FF being ended? Lately I've been thinking of going on and on like a JoJo-style story, with at one point the main character of TOP: ATP being followed all the way to his death. Most FF's usualy only tell the story of the characters...
  15. Yuugis Black Magician

    DBZ Cover art blow out! It's th beginning of the end in Vegeta Saga II!!!

    I found this bit of news at daizex, I thought it warranted a new thread... DBZ Vol. 7 Vegeta Saga II Fusion Reborn!
  16. Yuugis Black Magician

    Tales of Passions' 'A Trainers Passion' [Rewrite 7.3]

    Tales of Passions' 'A Trainers Passion' [Rewrite 7.3] TV-PG-DLV Tales of Passion A Trainers Passion [Rewrite 7.3] By Yuugi's Black Magician [Note Post may contain spoilers, if you please skip to next post]...
  17. Yuugis Black Magician

    What elements made FFIX so...

    FFIX is probably the best FF game ever, that I've played *Has no PS2* I've played it twice through this past summer, once with out codes, and once with, and I still find the game so FUN!! It stirs up powerful emotions in me. Comment on this game, that why I made this thread.
  18. Yuugis Black Magician

    A Tribute to Ross Ferguson's "Journey of Champion: in Kanto" With Intro by Mister F

    'Journey of Champion: in Kanto' by Ross Ferguson (with intro) now completed The following was written by Ross Ferguson. Dear readers, Although it's been nearly a year since I ceased writing 'Journey of Champion: in Kanto' when I look back at the 1.5mb word file I recognize that this was...