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  1. XxMegaGlurakYxX

    The Event/Shiny Trade Plaza

    Rules: - Follow all general SPPf rules! - I never want hacked or edited Pokémon,also only offer legit Event/Shiny Pokémon! (please dont offer a Pokémon if you dont know whether it is legit) - I want only my wants and not others! - I want only Untrained Event/Shiny Pokémon (not exps.,not other...
  2. XxMegaGlurakYxX

    XxMegaGlurakYxXs Event Shop

    XxMegaGlurakYxXs Event Shop (ORAS Event Update 3.25.2015) I'm German and not so good at English, so please no difficult phrases ^^ - I will the data from Pokèmon when you make a offer,please. (OT,ID,Nature,Characteristic) - Pokémon in orange is Rare and I swap they only for other Rare...