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    Planned Alpha Sapphire Team

    For Metagross Use Ice Punch for it's final move slot as it allows it to deal with Dragon and Flying type much easier. You could also use Agility instead.
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    The Singles Rate Thread [Read the Rules and Follow the Format]

    Just use Hidden Power (if it got a good hidden power types) or Ancient Power instead of Earthquake and just use 252 Special Attack/252 Speed/ 4 HP. You don't really want to put 100 Atk EV on for a single move.
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    OR Wifi/Battle Spot/Battle Maison team

    For Garchomp I would rather run Life Orb instead of Focus Sash for extra damages and also Garchomp has the bulk to survive many attack. For Gyrados I would replace Bounce with Earthquake as Earthquake covers a lot more type and also Bounce takes 2 turn before it attacks, making it predictable...
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    [ORAS] Doubles Team

    For Lucario I would prefer Crunch over Iron Tail if you can rebreed it as it would provide better coverages and also Iron Tail is unreliable. You might want to run Sword Dance instead of Stone Edge to allow it to sweep team, but since this is double battle, it might be harder to setup Sword...
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    Community POTW #059

    Abilities: Cute Charm: This is not a very useful ability as it only works on Pokemon that has a different gender from it. Skill Link and Technician is much more useful than Cute Charm Technician: A good ability that increases all attack that have 60 or lower base power. This can allow moves...
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    Post-Game Trick Room Team (ORAS)

    For Crobat Why would you run Defog/Taunt on Crobat if it is using Choice Band? This will simply force you to switch out after sending in Crobat to use Taunt/Defog. I would rather run Life Orb than Choice Band for Crobat. I would give most of the Pokemon except Crobat a -Speed nature, as it...
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    The Singles Rate Thread [Read the Rules and Follow the Format]

    Thanks, I will use Choice Scarf and Draco Meteor now.
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    ECM's in game team help

    For Hariyama I would suggest removing Force Palm out for Bulk Up as it increases Hariyama attack and defense by 1 stage and you don't really need 2 fighting move. If you still want Force Palm because Close Combat have low PP, then Brick Break is a better alternative. I would replace Rock...
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    The Singles Rate Thread [Read the Rules and Follow the Format]

    Latios @ Choice Scarf/Choice Specs/Latiosite Levitate Modest 252 Special Attack/252 Speed/ 4 HP - Psychic - Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam So I just decide to use it as I got a Modest Latios. I need suggestion for the item on Latios.
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    My Planned Omega Ruby Team

    For Metagross I would use Zen Headbutt instead of Psychic as Metagross has a lot higher attack than special attack. Also I would rather use Agility instead of Iron Defense, as its defense is already high and it can outspeed so many Pokemon with 1 agility. Hope this helps
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    ORAS Team Building help?

    For Salemence I would prefer using Return instead of Double Edge, even though it has less power, it doesn't take any recoil damage. For Bisharp I would rather use Life Orb instead of Black Glasses, as it increases all attack by 30%. Hope this help
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    6v6 Battle Team (Mega Herracross Team)

    Yeah I know, its quite hard to be able to use this smeargle, but Sticky Web allows it to even outspeed things like Timid Greninja. I usually use Substitute on a predicted switch and get a free Shell Smash. But if I use this Smeargle in 3v3 battle, I would definitely use Focus Sash.
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    Party Advice?

    Don't use Struggle Bug, it has low Special Attack, it won't get boost from Sword Dance and missing out a strong Bug move like Bug Bite is crucial. Otherwise the moveset is good For Deoxys-A I would rather use Ice Beam instead of Dark Pulse to make it be able to take out Dragon Type Pokemon...
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    Party Advice?

    Blaziken Item: Blazikenite Nature: Adamant Ability: Speed Boost EVs: 252 Attack/ 252 Speed/ 4 HP Moveset: Flare Blitz Hi Jump Kick Sword Dance Protect/ Stone Edge Flare Blitz and Hi Jump Kick are Blaziken strongest STABs while Sword Dance allows it to easily sweep your opponent team. Protect...
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    6v6 Battle Team (Mega Herracross Team)

    Thanks for the suggestion everybody. For Nulava, as Coolerdynastic stated, I try to make an unexpected Smeargle that setup shell Smash and baton pass the boost. For Smealglerocks, I would not use Focus Sash as I think Chandelure is bulky enough and I want to use Life Orb or Choice Specs to make...
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    Community POTW #017

    Overview: Gyarados has high Attack and also some decent HP and Special Attack. Its only weakness is electric, but it is 4x weak Positive: -125 Attack is very high allowing it to OHKO a lot of Pokemon -Its only weakness is electric -It has access to Dragon Dance allowing it to sweep -Its...
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    casual battling team (first one for y)

    Keep the same moveset for Mega Kanghaskhan, Power-Up-Punch is the reason why Mega Kanghaskhan can easily sweep your opponent team. Take Mye's advice for other Pokemon.
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    Critique my Sandstorm Team

    For Garchomp I would prefer Stone Edge over Poison Jab as a STAB Earthquake is nearly as strong as a super effective Poison Jab and Stone Edge does a lot more damage to Togekiss than Poison Jab. Hope this help
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    My first competitive team

    For Gardevoir What's the purpose of Moonblast if Pixilate Hyper Voice is stronger? Replace Moonblast with Shadow Ball/ Thunderbolt or Energy Ball for coverages. Hope this help
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    Do you smell what the Regirock is cooking?

    Even if you like Rock Slide accuracy, Stone Edge has a lot more power and could be a difference between OHKO and 2HKO. Poison Jab isn't necessary, since it usually needs to escape from Fairy Type Pokemon and also Poison Jab is not that strong, also fairy are not that common. Brick Break doesn't...