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    My Newest Competitive Team

    A new version of my last team (named: My First Competitive Team) Credit goes to Arkeis for the pics. team (I think) is properly named: Team Surprise, since about 4/6 of the team uses surprises to catch the foe offguard (spiritomb's pain split, lucario's set, gallade's lack of close combat...
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    My First Competitive Team

    K.... Here it goes... ;442; Spiritomb (Calm) @ Leftovers Pressure Ev: 228 Def, 188 SpD, 92 HP Shadow Ball Hypnosis Pain Split Hidden Power [Fight] ;376; Metagross(Adamant)@Leftovers Clear Body EV: 244 Att, 132 HP, 132 Spe Earthquake Meteor Mash Thunderpunch Agility ;472...
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    my team.... here it goes

    my last one was horrible, and this one i hope goes better. just noticing the depth of the logic of pokemon, still getting used to some terms, but i am hoping to get good enough for competitive ok... Milotic(Modest)@ Leftovers Marvel Scale Ev: 252 Spe, 180 Def, 76 HP Ice Beam Surf...
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    New DP team

    Ok, probably you'll think its weird, but here you go! Empoleon (Special Attacker) Surf Ice Beam Flash Cannon Grass Knot Lucario (Special Attacker) Shadow Ball Aura Sphere Dragon Pulse Psycic Lucario (yeah, another one(physical attacker)) Swords Dance Close Combat Blaze Kick...