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    Name change, please?

    May I please have a name change from Prinplup to ~Suicune~? I really want a name change, but if you can't, then I won't complain.
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    Last thing you ate/drank?

    What was the last thing you ate/drank?
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    What forum skin do you use?

    What skin do you use? I use the Dark Type Pokemon skin. It's the best of them all XD
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    Acheter celexa

    Um, dont mean to mini mod, but this is spam AND it is in the wrong place.
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    How do you change your username?

    How do you change your username? I dont like the name Prinplup that much, so I was looking to change it. How do I?
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    Hurt And Heal: Legendary Pokemon

    How To Play/Rules: #1 - For each post you must HURT one fighter and HEAL another. Copy & paste the post above yours and put HURT beside the one you're hurting and HEAL beside the one you're healing, then change their HP accordingly (add 1 HP for a HEAL, and take 1 off for a HURT). Remove a...
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    Golden Sun DS

    Golden Sun DS is a sequel of the old GBA games, Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It has been many years since Golden Sun was released. Players who hoped for more Golden Sun games gave up hope a long time ago. But in Spring 2010, the sun shall rise again! Golden Sun DS will be...
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    The X Factor (UK & Ireland)

    Are you watching the X Factor? If so, who is your favourite act? Who do you think should go? Discuss it here. I think that Lloyd, Stacey, Joe or Olly should win. I think John & Edward should go. Tell me what you think!