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    The Triumphant Return

    Hello I came on this forum when I was 10. *insert semen joke* I am now 15. I've come back to use the RP section and the anime-style battling. I have purple hair. Gardevoir is my favourite Pokemon naow. Yeah, a lot changed.
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    OMFG free stuffs.

    Welcome, BlazikenBud. You last visited: 25th September 2008 at 5:13 PM So I return 2 years later to... deliver you some Spam! Well, if you want to call it that. To be fair I'm after referrals. Link removed motha****as Just click it and I'm happeh. But it may help a few of you that...
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    Tales of Nocturnia

    This is the actual RP for Tales of Nocturnia. I just wanted to mention the NEW improved reason for Nebilim's actions. In this RP, Fonons will appear EVERYWHERE. Especially at the beginning. So the reason for the hunt of half elves is to lowerrthe amount of fonons in Aselia's stream of...
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    Tales of Nocturnia lounge

    Approval is pending at the moment-I pmed Razor Leaf and am waiting for a reply. EDIT: He says yes! Yay! This is the chat thread for Tales of Nocturnia, not the sign up remember, the sign up's in the sign up section :p I mainly want to use this thread to discuss the plot before we do it so that...
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    Uuh, a team for rate

    I'm making this team on a wim, because I have a sudden urge I'm going to get PBR for christmas. Please rate it and give advice, I'm not very good at competitive battling yet, so I'm a newbie. Weavile@Choice scarf Night Slash Ice Shard Brick Break Swords Dance Quick Claw to replace agility...
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    Parodize the famous line!

    Just make fun of a catch phrase, line from a movie, etc. EG. Vader: Luke, I am your mother!!! Luke: It can't be... etc. Rules: No stupid, adult, or offensive parodies SPPf rules
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    Tales of Nocturnia

    This RPG is mainly for Tales fans, as I don't want to have to explain everything. Thanks! Tales of Nocturnia In another place in space/time: BEFORE: Thousands and thousands of years ago, when our world was new, there existed another world. A world that was torn apart by war and...
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    MD movesets

    I haven't seen any threads who have remarked about the movesets in MD, only the items and strategies you use to get past them, so why don't we talk about them here? It would be cool if there was an article in pokemon of the week about MD movesets, and getting the pokemon etc. Anyway, can someone...
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    The Cybernetic Uprising, my first fic!

    To all of my old friends, Wandering mew, Atlantis kid99, Lord Zangoose, groudome, and anyone else I forgot! All are no longer using the forum, have mysteriously dispeared, or not very active! Also to all 10 year olds etc. who want to be writers! THE CYBERNETIC UPRISING CHAPTER ONE...
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    Funny Funny oh so Funny!

    I found this... it's funny! http://dragonblond_04.tripod.com/antiPokemon.html
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    Help my Eevee combo team!

    I'm going to make a team consisting entirely of eeveelutions and so far I have 3 of the pokemon umbreon careful nature level 33 espeon serious nature level 33 leafeon lax nature level 18-20 I'm looking for some movesets. This team is not for competitive so I'm not using...
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    BlazikenBud's Center for Past Gen Pokemon! Most Past Gen Pokemon. Huge list!

    The BCPGP! Yay! So far I have imported 6 pokemon from pal park. I beat the league and finished the pokedex recently so I'm in a brilliant mood. So far I have imported: Zangoose Huntail Delcatty Absol Gardevoir Male Ralts Rayquaza level 100 Kyogre Smeargle Some of them have nicknames. I also...
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    My team

    This is my team: item:soft sand Torterra Rock Polish EarthQuake Giga Drain Stone Edge item: iron ball Weavile Swagger Assurance Night Slash -filler- item: -filler- Gastrodon Surf Raindance Ice beam Recover item:-filler- Lucario Swords dance Iron Tail Flash cannon...
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    Battle tommorow!

    My friend is battling me tommorow and it is urgent I get a good moveset for my Weavile, as I'm quite comfident with my others. My Weavile has rubbish moves right now: Fling (what? Failed strategy) Night slash (keep) Slash Swagger (keep) I wanted something like this: Assurance Night slash...
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    BlazikenBud's Trade Center

    My other one has disapeared into thin air, so... This is my little bazaar of pokemon trades, I have: most past gen pokemon items Bronzong Drapion Pelliper with toxic Staraptor Luxray with lots of attention Deoxys (legit) untouched Floatzel Abomasnow Cherrim lots of others...
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    Gastrodon help!

    I don't know what to teach my Gastrodon! So far I've got: Surf Raindance Body slam and Mud bomb. It has a brave nature, but I'm not changing it's nature.
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    BlazikenBud's Trade Center

    I have load of items and soon I'll have loads of pokemon from my firered. Legends included! ALL LEGIT!
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    Team Galactic rises again

    Yep, this RPG is about team galactic, and when they rise back to power. Lukas, Dawn and Vincent are in Hoenn, and aren't gonna go after them, so they are un-opposed. Here's the story: It was 2 years after team galactic were defeated. The three hereos, Lukas, Vincent, and Dawn are in Hoenn...
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    Is anything I have worth F Combee?

    I really need vespiquen for my team does anyone have one? will anything I have or any diamond exclusives be worth one?
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    GameMaker 7.0

    I don't get it, I downloaded it but there are no sprites there, and how do I make a map??