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  1. Guywhoiam

    3DS can't connect to Wi-Fi (Pokemon White 2)

    It says that it cannot connect because the Wi-Fi User Info from the Nintendo DSi (even though I am using a 3DS) system and the save data do not match. It then asks if it should update my Wi-Fi user data. I say yes and it attempts to connect. Then I get an error code 20109. White 2 is the only...
  2. Guywhoiam

    Memento Mori: Even the Pure Fall

    Memento Mori: Even the Pure Fall GMs: Guywhoiam Niihyl Pokefan0234 Rated PG-15 for Language, Violence, and other Miscellaneous things somebody is bound to post that is inappropriate for children. Welcome to the Sign-Ups for Memento Mori: Even the Pure Fall! This is the sequel to Memento Mori...