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    SuperUltraHappyFantastic Sprite Shop

    The shop is now: Open Welcome to the SuperUltraHappyFantastic Sprite shop! We are currently looking for workers (Maximum of 4 workers in total) The Rules 1. All sppf rules Apply. 2. No Spam. 3. Do not rush the workers. 4. Give credit if you use their work. 5. No flaming. 6. If you...
  2. K

    RMT My third and hopefully last Attempt at Sandstorm

    Okay guys this is my third attempt at a Sandstorm team. Hopefully it will also be my last... Well basically I need you guys to make any suggestions on items, move sets or anything. And I need you guys to help me decide on my last Pokemon (There are 2 to choose from at the bottom for the last...
  3. K

    Second Attempt at Sandstorm Team

    Hippowdon @ Leftovers Trait: Sand Stream EV = 252 HP, 112 Def, 144 Sp. Def Nature: Impish Move Set: Earthquake Ice Fang Stealth Rock Slack off My lead pokemon for setting up the sandstorm. Heatran @ Choice Scarf Trait: Flash Fire Nature: Modest Ev's: 252 Sp. Atk, 240 Spd, 16 Hp...
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    Rate my Sandstorm Team

    Tyranitar @ Lum Berry Trait: Sand Stream EV = 252 attack / 252 speed / 4 defense Nature: Adamant Move Set: Focus Punch Earthquake Substitute Rock Slide Lucario @ Expert Belt Trait: Steadfast EV = 252 attack / 252 speed / 4 HP Nature: Jolly Move Set: Close Combat Swords Dance Crunch...