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  1. Durden

    DP157 - Gible III

    http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/615/5425.jpg 12/24 DP157: Fukamaru! Get it!! フカマル!ゲットだぜ!! A reminder of the title of DP145: Fukamaru... Get it! フカマル…ゲットだぜ! :D
  2. Durden

    DP138 Title

    Remember this calendar...? Who owns a Nyarmar besides Nozomi? That's right... Hikari's mom! 8/13 DP138: Hikari vs Mama! Between Parent and Child! Source: PokeAni http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/7057/durd.jpg http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/6796/durd2.jpg SUMMARY:
  3. Durden

    DP133 Title!

    From PokéAni's Frontpage: DP133: Uxie's Shadow! Airdate: June 25th And so it begins...
  4. Durden

    DP124/125 Titles

    From Pokeani... 23 April DP124: Pokemon Pingpong Tournament! Go for it, Ambipom!! 30 April DP125: Cherubi! A Brave Battle!? edit - tweaked the titles a little after help from adamant.
  5. Durden

    New title - DP108(!)

    According to PokeAni's frontpage... 12/25 DP108: Canalave Gym! Steel battle! 1/8 DP!09: ? 2009: DP110: Riley and Lucario 2009: DP111: The Historic Ruins of Iron Islands XD
  6. Durden

    DP106/107 Titles

    Source: PokeAni 12/11 DP106: A way to get along with Pokemon?! / A Way to Befriend Pokemon?! 12/18 DP107: Rampardos VS Bastiodon! They are translated by Sushi. This years christmas present is (probably) Hyouta!
  7. Durden

    Three new titles!

    Source: PokeAni -> TVJapan 11/06 DP101: "Rival Trainer Jun Appears!" 11/13 DP102: "Hearthome Gym! VS Fantina!" 11/20 DP103: "Chaotic Melee in Canalave City!" Also, based on previous AD patterns, I'm guessing; DP101 should be Natsume, DP102 should be Iwane, and DP103 should be Shimura.
  8. Durden

    DP093 Title

    From PokeAni, translated with the awezum google translate. 9/11 DP093: "Dancing leader Jim! Melissa!" (Jim = Gym?) Melissa = Fantina's japanese name. Yupyup. Thanks to Sushi.. xD 9/11 DP093 "The Dancing Gym Leader! Fantina Appears!!"
  9. Durden

    New Title + Summaries

    Source: Pokeani -> Animedia 8 / 14 # 89 "Research Presentation 'Legend of the Lake'!" The topic of the third day of summer school is Pokémon Research. The task is to study the Water Pokémon in the lake nearby and present the results of the research to the teacher. Ash and his friends head to...
  10. Durden

    DP084/DP085 Speculation Thread

    Airdate: July 03 The Backlot's Gluttonous Urimoo! AD: Izumi Shimura Gliger! Wings of Friendship!! AD: Toshihito Hirooka I'll update with what I can catch from the preview. Preview: - We get to see Gligar evolving into Gliscor for about 2 seconds (the white glow..) - Ash dancing with...
  11. Durden

    DP083: Nomose Gym! VS Maximum Mask!! Speculation Thread

    Here's the Speculation thread for DP83: Nomose Gym! VS Maximum Mask!! Unfortunately there's no summary available, nor do we know the AD for this episode. We do at least know that Ash uses Turtwig, Buizel and Pikachu. Preview: - Buizel vs Floatzel seems to be the final match - Buizel...
  12. Durden

    New Title - DP 83

    - Pokes we know will participate: Pikachu, Turtwig. - Nice with only a 14 episode gap between the gyms. - However, a 2 week gap between DP 82 and 83 :/ Hate baseball. - 1 month left until Movie 11 Edit: http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/3010/vpkjy1a002tp4.jpg
  13. Durden

    May vs Zoey, Dawn vs Kaito [Matchups revealed]

    Yes we need another Wallace cup thread. Anyways, some new info have been revealed from a new scan, this is how PPK interpreted it: Logically, we will get a Zoey losing to May match, and a Dawn winning over some dude that won over Ash match. What do u guys think of these matchups? Zoey...
  14. Durden

    Rate the new english opening!

    Yes, a thread like this is indeed inevitable! Rate the new english opening Pokemon DP: Battle Dimension. Feel free to motivate your choice. O_o
  15. Durden

    Who's going to win Wallace Cup?

    Zoey, Dawn, May, Ash. Who do you think is going to win? Vote on!
  16. Durden

    Season 11 Information (New opening!)

    Pokemon.com updated their site with a new mailbag regarding the anime: Q: Does anyone know when season 11 will begin in the US? A: We know fans have been eager to see the new episodes, and here's the good news: season 11 kicks off in April, just a few weeks away! Q: I've been hearing a...
  17. Durden

    DP 75 Title (?)

    Taken from bmgf... The title is not 100% confirmed, but it is quite likely that this is the title. As expected they are continuing with Dawn's contest arc now, and this guy will probably help Dawn to regain her confidence. UPDATE: The title's 90% confirmed - http://r.pic.to/ue153 -
  18. Durden

    New avatars

    Wouldn't mind some new avatars to be added. Maybe some new DP avatars from episodes ~30-69? Since the ones currently added are up until the Roark gym. A lot of popular pokeymans and characters have appeared/debuted in these episodes (lolLucario, Electabuzz, Umbreon, Maylene, Reiji etc).
  19. Durden

    Best and Worst episode of DP so far?

    So, I'm a bit curious, which episode do you find the best respectively the worst of DP so far? Feel free to motivate. DP 01 - DP 68.
  20. Durden

    DP 70-72 Titles

    From Pokeani, scan link: http://i.pic.to/mw5to?r=1 3/13 DP70 Pull Yourself Together, Chingling! 3/20 DP71+DP72 Pokemon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu!! (a Two-Part One-Hour Special) It is believed that the Ranger Special this time will be sort of a promotional episode for the...