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  1. Mismage

    LF Shiny Galarian Zapdos

    Is there a good soul out there who can give me a Shiny Zapdos from last online competition? I actually joined the competition and battled 2 two times, but later I discovered that the required minimum is 3 battles to get Zapdos :( I would be immensely grateful!
  2. Mismage

    Custap Berry Please!

    I need a Custap Berry. Anyone who can help me i will be pleased to help too!
  3. Mismage

    DEX Completion

    Looking For someone nice and kind to help me to register Regidrago and Glastrier on my Pokédex. Please, send me DM!! I can offer anything for the help!
  4. Mismage

    Pokémon Battles and Tournament

    Hey! I need friends to play with. I got enough of battling the same stuff on Ranked Battles. So anyone down to some fun, challenge me! I wanted to make a tournament or stuff like that too if.
  5. Mismage

    Pokémon HOME Touch Trade

    Hey! There are some mythical Pokémon missing on my National Dex. Anyone willing to help with the following, I really appreciate. It is supposed to be a bare touch trade but I have plenty of good deals, so feel free to ask me! i) Mew ii) Groundon iii) Jirachi iv) Manaphy v) Phione vi) Shaymin...
  6. Mismage

    SHINY TRADE 色違い交換

    Anyone willing to trade a SHINY HA Alola Vulpix for an SHINY HA Impidimp, I'm here. 色違い夢アローラロコンを交換したら色違い夢ベローバを持ってる 連絡してください
  7. Mismage

    LF Flame Orb

    Hey, treiners! I'm looking for a Flame Orb. I can trade it for a 6IV Scraggy with a Gold Bottle Cap. Anyone interested send me DM please.
  8. Mismage

    Ranked Battles - Season 2: Let me know your ranking!

    Hi, there! You guys playing ranked battles this season, can you reply with your current rank on single battles or double battles?
  9. Mismage

    A Doubt about Heavy Slam Power

    Hi, there! My last question on this matter wasn't replied properly, so let me ask it again, if I can. When the USER outweights the target, the move power is calculated the way we all know. However, when the TARGET outweights the user, the move power is set to its base power of 1 or anything...
  10. Mismage

    Heavy Slam

    Hi, there! If the target outweights the user, which will be Heavy Slam power?
  11. Mismage

    Looking for HA Goomy

    Hi there! I really need a HA goomy! I can trade a lot of pokemon with HA, like Cufant, Corsola, Snorunt and so on.
  12. Mismage

    Looking For HA Goomy

    Hi there! I have plenty of other Pokémon with HA to trade for HA Goomy, like HA Cufant, Snom, Ralts, Corsola, Snorunt and so on.
  13. Mismage

    Looking For HA Gothita FT HA Pokémon

    Hi there! I'm looking for a HA Gothita. I can trade back plenty of other HA Pokémon, like Snom, Hatterene and many other more!
  14. Mismage

    Looking For HA Ralts

    Hello! I'm looking for HA Ralts. I can trade plenty of other HA Pokémon!
  15. Mismage

    Can anyone borrow me a Obstagoon with Knock Off to pass it to mine?

    Can anyone borrow me a Obstagoon with Knock Off to pass it to mine? I dont need it permanently, it is just for a sec to pass the move to my Obstagoon.
  16. Mismage

    LF HA Barraskewda/HA Arrokuda FT Gold Bottle Cap or 5IV Pokémon

    Title says it all. First come first served.
  17. Mismage

    LF HA Barraskewda - FT 4IV Ditto or many other Pokémon

    Please, trade me your HA Barraskewda!
  18. Mismage

    FT: HA Milotic, HA Froslass or some 5IV. LF: HA Hatterene or HA Snom or HA Copperajah

    Im looking for any of these Pokémon on the title. No success getting then on Max Raid Battles. I can breed u a 5IV Pokémon for trade. Furthermore, I've got Pokémon Sword, so i may have exclusives to fill your dex.