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    Writer's reasoning for a lack of variety in movepool? *Possible Spoilers*

    ****This will likely cover spoilers in the recent Sun and Moon episodes, whether by my post or another person's post**** There's something that I never understood about the writers, and I figure in the poll section would be the best place to put this (since, I'm not sure where else to put this...
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    Mozilla Firefox Issue

    I have theories as to why it's not working, but I don't want theories, I want an explanation and hopefully a solution. My issue is this, while I can do some things without issue, I can't go to Pokemon.com (the English site) and I can't go to the Pokemon X and Y subpages, without there being...
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    In Universe Type Argument

    I hope this is okay. Type Argument (In Universe): There are some issues revolving around Helioptile and Litleo being normal types and evolving while changing their normal types. And questioning why these normal types are evolving and changing into other types. Some have said it...
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    Infernape's Anime Debut, comming up?

    Instead of Professor Oak's lab there was something I can only describe as what appears to be some sweepstakes thing, although I could be very wrong, I'm just not sure how else to explain it since I don't speak/read Japanese. Anyway while the "ad" was going not only did it so Lugia battling...
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    I don't really get it

    It really frustrates me that there are two rules. 1. No posting the same topic over and over. 2. No bringing up dead topics. I find it very frustrating that those rules are both in existent because they seem to contradict themselves. I can understand rule number #1 because I would get...
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    The One Time Rival (possible spoilers)

    Every time Ash enters the league he meets a rival and he loses to them. Ritchie (Kanto) (okay maybe not exactly a one time rival but he falls under the category) Harrison (Johto) Tyson (Hoenn) What I want to know is, Should Ash lose again to another one time rival? Or would you rather...