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    Best Regional ______?

    Out of all the Regional Staples, (Bird, Rodent, and Bug), which were your favorites? Here's a refresher... Kanto: Pidgey/Spearow Rattata Caterpie/Weedle Johto: Pidgey/Spearow/Hoot-Hoot Rattata/Sentret Caterpie/Weedle/Spinarak Hoenn: Taillow/Wingull Zigzagoon/Poochyena...
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    Pokemon the 6th

    I need help filling the last spot on my soul silver run. My team looks to be: Typhlosion Gengar Tyranitar Cloyster Kingdra I know I need a flyer, but don't like any of em really. I was thinking of going with Nidoking maybe?
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    Platinum Team

    I don't care for the moveset and the like. just rate based on whether i stand a chance come elite for time. Torterra Golduck Rapidash Noctowl Gallade Gengar/?????
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    Gameboy Player

    Does anybody else still play their FR/LG or R/S/E on the Gamecube's Gameboy Player?
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    My In-Game Team Rate

    Just my team for beating the Elite Four. Blastoise@Nothing Hydro Pump Water Pulse Protect Hydro Cannon Arcanine@Nothing Fire Blast Flamethrower Extreme Speed Dig/???? Fearow@Nothing Drill Peck Aerial Ace Fly ???? Lapras@Nothing Thunderbolt Ice Beam Body Slam/Hydro Pump...
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    Favorite Pokemon Gen?

    What was your favorite pokemon generation? I liked the third gen the most, followed by the 2nd gen.
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    Noobish Things

    Just name some Noob like things you did when you first played the games. -I repeatedly used fire punch on Chuck's primape because i thought that he would catch on fire. -I refused to use poison types because team rocket used mostly poison. -When i picked mudkip for my starter in hoenn(which...
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    Were they worth it? do you find yourself trying to win the master rank contests? or do you ignore them?
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    Underappreciated? Over rated?

    Name some pokemon that you believe to be very under rated and ones that are also over rated. i think the nido's are kinda under rated. really can't think of any over rated.