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    Discuss My Pokemon! (Read Rules in OP Before Posting)

    Discuss My Pokemon! Original idea by Smogon Forums. This is where you can show off all you're latest Pokemon. But while showing of you're new work, there are rules you need to follow. All standard SPPf rules apply. This not a trade thread! Take that to VM/PMs. Or use the trade forum section...
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    OU-Z, A new virus!

    YES! There is a new virus... not really, but Porygon-Z is awesome. Great intro huh? Anyways I haven't made a team in a while so try to understand if I lack essentials for my team to live in this tier called OU. I have been running this team a little bit through PO and it holds it's own. I do...
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    A Decent UU Team.

    Alright! I have adjusted my team and so far I am having a lot more success with this team. They have decent synergy together and bring out the best in each other so far. Only time I have lost is when I made bad plays myself. Like trying to squeeze on lat CM with Suicune when I know I shouldn't...
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    IR-GTS Help.

    Okay so I have no clue what this means. Can someone help?
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    Okay so I am not so sure if that's the right word or even the right place to post, but couldn't think of anything or anywhere else. But that little internet symbol by the Timburr name. How to I remove the file from opening with any program? I can make it switch program to program but not just...
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    Non-Weather Team:O

    So I have grown bored of using a weather team so I have decided to make one without it. This is what I got. I have been using it on Smogon's server of PO and have got a lot of wins or people will ragequit. So this is my team! Item: Choice Scarf Ability: Levitate Nature: Timid EVs: 252 Sp A/...
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    Scrafty Shuffles Daily (DD)

    Okay so I decide to make a BP DD team around Scrafty after I finally played with him in the battle subway. This team isn't at all serious and I really just threw a bunch of pokes I thought that would at least semi work. lol. I am open to any suggestions besides Scrafty. He will stay no matter...
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    New Competitive Team!!

    Hey guys so this is my new team. I need help with it so please give input:D I know the descriptions were not that detailed but I gave the main picture and I am just trying to get this team out. Scizor @ Choice Band Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant EVs; 252 HP; 252 Att -Bullet Punch...
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    Rate my team

    Hey I have posted a few other team but I a new person to online play and as I am learning I feel like this is a better team then what I drew up and wanted to get honest and good opinions on the team before i put the effort into making the team (breeding) Ninjask @ Focus Sash Ability: Speed...
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    1st Team Edited

    Hey everyone this is my new team i recently made and i would just like to see what everyone thinks and opinions on what move or even pokemon is better for this team:). I am new to this so bare with me. The Team ;424;Ambipom @ Focus Sash/Band (Baton Passer) Jolly 252 HP; 252 Spe Ability...
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    First Competitive Team

    My RNGs So got this idea from Winter02. I am just going to post MY RNGs here just to keep tabs. People can check them out and offer things I suppose by PM but for the right price. Also I don't know if I am allowed to do this but I am looking for a 4th Gen RNGer to RNG for me or help me learn to...