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    the Adventures of Ash And Jared the first epic novel

    HI i am blazeing man and you might know my comic called The Adventures Of Ash and Jared, it is very good. Well i was thinking one day "making this sprite comic is not easy And I like to write too." So i decided that i would write a story based on the first ash and jared adventure. THIS...
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    Scary poke'mon storys!!!!

    Hello guys its me blazeing man.Well you know I was wondering. Have you ever heared a story about Pok'emon that you thought, was really scary? My big brother told me a story that in lavander town in the first pokemon games in japan (red and green) their was a problem people would kill...
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    I did not have anything too do so i made a sprite comic !!! I spent a long time on it. It is called the adventures of ash and his best firend Jared. Jared is a character I made up, he is very cool. They fight evil doers and also eat ice cream. please give comecnt sand critiscems but...
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    hi im new

    i am 8 years old and i relly like pokemon!!! please be my friend