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    Reflection (oneshot, PG)

    So I finally decided to write a thing with some of the headcanons I've been kicking around about the Operation Tempest episodes of the anime, and this thing happened. It's set immediately after the events of Unova's Survival Crisis , as Giovanni struggles with the consequences of dealing...
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    Café au Lait (Team Rocket oneshot)

    Café au Lait (Team Rocket oneshot, G) The Kalos trip had been a long one, and Matori was happy to see it near its end. Normally, Matori was happy to accompany Giovanni on a trip to another region- the change of setting was a pleasant one she welcomed, and it was nice to get out of her cozy yet...
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    Flight Delay (Christmas 2013, G, Team Rocket)

    After a few weeks of working out details of this story, I'm happy to say I've finally completed the first chapter of this year's Christmas fanfic. I think those of you who enjoyed last year's, Snowfall, will find something worthwhile in this too. ~ Chapter 1 December in Kanto, and in...
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    Home for the Holidays (Christmas, anime, Team Rocket, G)

    Snowfall (Christmas, anime, Team Rocket, G) Here it is, my annual Christmas fanfic contribution. On and off for the last few years I try to get a cute Team Rocket oriented story written for Christmas, and this year is no exception. Since I'm using two characters introduced in BW in this...
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    Angel (G, DeliaxGiovanni, Christmas oneshot)

    A short story I wrote inspired from a prompt on Imagine Your OTP @ Tumblr. Please enjoy it while I work on my larger planned Christmas fic! ~ The boxes of Christmas ornaments were strewn across the floor of Delia’s living room in Pallet Town, sparkling with tinsel and glitter and blown...
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    Masquerade (comedy, Team Rocket, PG-13)

    Title: Masquerade Verse: anime, with HG/SS gameverse Rocket executives Characters/Pairings: Giovanni/Ariana, Petrel, Dr. Zager, Professor Sebastian, Persian Rating: PG-13 Warnings: Alcohol use and a scene of prescription drug abuse Summary: Everyone wears a disguise at some point. Some wear...
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    Alpha Male (2011 Perspective Contest fourth place winning entry)

    Author's note: Okay, now that my classes are temporarily out and I've got my bearings, I'm going to try to start posting fanfiction on a somewhat-regular basis here. This is my entry into last year's Perspective contest, and though I'm a few months late posting it, I still feel like it's a...
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    Survival (oneshot, Big Bang 2011 story)

    I joined the Pokemon Big Bang on LJ this year for the first time, and here's the story that came out of it. This was my first time writing a fic this long and I hope you all enjoy it. **************************************************** Title: Survival Author: nekusagi Verse: anime...
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    Secretary (One shot, Best Wishes, G)

    Title: Secretary Author: nekusagi Rating: G Verse: Anime Characters: Giovanni's secretary Summary: Sadism is all in a day's work. Notes: So I'm pretty sure this is the first one-shot anyone's ever done about Giovanni's secretary from Best Wishes. This was a blast to write and I hope you all...