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    Digimon Heroes [PG]

    So after a long bit of contemplating, rewriting and so on, I've come to the conclusion that I am now happy with what I have written. And so I bring to you, my Digimon story ^^ There are a few notes I want to go through though. They'll only take a couple of seconds (promise). First thing is...
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    Pokemon: Nike

    Pokemon: Nike Plot: Ten years ago the Pokemon world experienced a shocking discovery: Mr. Nadeu, renowned man of the Pokemon World and creator of the idea of the PokeDex, would be taking a trip in his air ship for one whole year. He would not be taking this trip alone however. Six Pokemon...
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    Double-oh-Platypus... I choose you?

    Hello... so I've had this account for a little while but I never actually did much on it until now. So how's it going? Also, I was wondering if anyone wanted to do any trading with me on Pokemon Pearl because I currently have a Mewtwo in the GTS, but nobody's traded for it yet. So let me know...