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  1. Aquanova

    Back, maybe to stay this time

    Hello, I dunno if anyone of you really remembers me, anyway I decided to come back to this forum after being away for a pretty long amount of time I actually dont remember when I was last here, anyway, for whatever reason Ive wandered back here and hopefully I might stick around. Anyway...
  2. Aquanova

    Wii U Discussion

    A thread for the discussion of the new Nintendo Console to be shown tomorrow at E3,currently called Project Cafe. So what does everyone think it will be like and what do you want from the console? What features do you want to see? I'll update with the official name when it is revealed.
  3. Aquanova

    Back in Black

    Thats right Serebii People, Arceus-sama is back in black. I never made a proper introduction last time did I? Well no time like the present I guess. Hi Im Arceus-sama. Known everywhere else on the net as Shiny Celebi.I like that name, its the most superspecialawesome excellent user name that...
  4. Aquanova

    Cloning Extinct animals

    This is a serious debate topic. I read a story that said Scientists are going to attempt to clone and resurrect a Wooly Mammoth. We all know what cloning is, the question is is it right to bring back a species using science that has been extinct for millions of years? I want to start by saying I...
  5. Aquanova

    Do you think they will shut down the GTS?

    I was wondering since in a couple months, Black and White will be released worldwide, if they will shut down the Generation 4 GTS. Do you think Nintendo will stop supporting the GTS when Black and White come out, or will they leave it as is?
  6. Aquanova

    Pokemon obtained using glitches

    I dont know if this has been discussed but I was wondering. Would pokemon obtained by use of an in game glitch be considered Legit. Im talking specifically about Darkrai and Shaymin in Diamond and Pearl, obtained using either the Elite 4 Door Glitch or Tweaking to enter the void and go to...
  7. Aquanova


    Hi Serebii.net! Im Arceus-sama. Im new here and just joined today. I've been browsing this website for quite awhile, and i think its great and ha sbeen alot of help for me in all things Pokemon. Im completely obsessed with these games and am eager to meet others that feel the same