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    Pokémon X & Y's Effect on the Metagame

    Pokémon X & Y's Effect on the Metagame While there might not be much information on X and Y right now, we have got a bit of information about two new interesting moves- Parabolic charge- An electric type Giga Drain.This could mean that Bulky electric types like the Rotom forms now have a...
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    The Grudge (PG-13)

    Well, this is my first fanfic and one-shot. Rated Pg-13 just to be safe. Um, so, all reviews are appreciated. Enjoy! The Grudge It started out as a normal day at the Silph.Co headquarters in Saffron city, my secretary, Sam, reading out the usual mail. “You’ve got a letter from the mayor...
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    Confused newbie.

    Hi! This is the first forum I've joined and, at the moment, things are pretty confusing I've tried using most of the options and looked at the FAQs about ten times already but I'm still confused. How does the quote thing work anyway! Hopefully things will clear up eventually. Did you guys...