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  1. SugarPesticide

    Hexachromalurgy (Pokémon/MLPFiM crossover)

    Hexachromalurgy (Pokémon/MLPFiM crossover) Because I never learn. This has nothing to do with my previous fics (if the pony crossover part didn't give that away). Rather, this has to do with what would happen in a world where monsters with bizarre powers roam freely, with only the moral...
  2. SugarPesticide

    River Styx (Pokemon/Harry Potter crossover)

    No, this will not involve Harry getting a starter or Ash getting a wand. Yes, I know the dangers of running multiple fics at once. This fic is based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (but is certainly darker), taking place post-PMD2/3 and during/after Order of the Phoenix. I originally got the...
  3. SugarPesticide

    Project Valentine (Multishippings, G-PG13)

    http://i1018.photobucket.com/albums/af308/prettypennylaw/bestcollection_zps2de370d6.png *Now featuring Ben/Summer* (Permission given by Encyclopika) * Hello and welcome to my little collection of drabbles and one-shots! This started out at FanFiction.Net as a just a little exercise in writing...
  4. SugarPesticide

    Apology (One-shot)

    Hi. This is my first one-shot (POS guest entries notwithstanding), and a spur-of-the-moment creation written for Easter to boot. In spite of the fact that it has pretty much nothing to do with Easter at all. =P This was a weird one for me to write, because the religious tone was completely new...
  5. SugarPesticide

    Blazing Frost

    Oh look, another journey fic. An "ordinary" pursuit of badges by a noob trainer ... until a perilous quest inconveniently gets in the way, courtesy of two bored gods and one ultimate evil. And when the seeming Mary-Sue's perfect journey turns ugly? Hilarity ensues. Rated PG-13 for language...
  6. SugarPesticide

    Pokemon: Back to the Start

    A sudden, solid mass slammed into Brenna, knocking her into the dew-stained grass left behind by the cruel, cold, early hours of dawn. The Dusclops winced in pain, but refused to let her terror show as a scraggly Vigoroth leered down at her, his clawed forepaws digging suggestively into her...
  7. SugarPesticide

    Pokemon: Back to the Start (Sign-ups)

    An unwelcome change has come over the world of Pokemon: the creatures have lost their ability to use sophisticated attacks, from the devastating Hyper Beam to the humble Shock Wave. Even the flaming mane of the Rapidash can barely cause so much as a tickle. Armed with only strength and the tools...
  8. SugarPesticide


    darkdragontamer here, looking forward to a great time at serebii.net! Just wanted to say hi -- ;249-d;: and to beg mercy for this total noob. Back in your Poke Ball, boy. Anywho, I gotta fly. See ya!