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    PETA parody of BW2

    PETA did a parody of BW2 recently. The gameplay isn't half bad actually. It's a mix of gameverse and animeverse, mostly gameverse though. A talking Pikachu escapes his trainer and goes around beating up humans. It has Cheren, Juniper, Ghetsis... Ash. Apparently we should beat up ten year...
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    Pokemon BW2: A New Legend

    At least that's what I believe it's called. Maybe I'm wrong. I've heard it's come out but I can't find a thread for it here. I've seen one screencap circulating but that's about it.
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    Why did Misty change in EToP?

    Looking at ETOP, suddenly at the end of volume 2 (I believe) Misty's design changed. There's no reason given. All of a sudden she just pops up in her anime design, light hair and all. Was she censored? Or did they just want to make her look more like her anime version? But several other...
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    What manga would you like to see translated?

    Chuang Yi used to translate a lot of Pokemon manga but nowadays they only seems to release Special. Viz is even worse - they never release manga besides anime adaptations and Special. There are many HGSS and BW era manga that seem awesome; a few of them are even one-shot manga. There are...
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    Would you like the return of the music segment?

    "Who's That Pokemon?" returned out of nowhere. What about Pikachu's Jukebox, the Pokerap, or Karaokemon? I honestly haven't liked any of the songs that have been put out post-4kids but I'm curious what other fans think.
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    What personality changes do you like from the anime? Dislike?

    The anime has a habit of changing personalities from the games. Most NPCs - gym leaders especially - aren't given in-depth characterization but we know enough to tell their personalities. Guys like Jasmine and Cilan were given complete turnarounds in the anime; those two in particular went...
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    Did Red appear in Jou's Big Adventure?

    I've heard rumors that he appeared in it, and looked really weird, but I can't find any screencaps. How did that manga cover Kanto anyway?
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    What was this one-shot about?

    I've heard of a Pokeathlon based manga by Shigekatsu Ihara. It's one chapter only but that's about the only thing I've heard of it. There's only like one (mediocre) image of it online.
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    Would you want to see animals in a Pokemon game?

    We do know they exist - they've been references plenty of times - but about the only animal we've seen has been barnacle in the Ranger games. I'm guessing their exclusion from the games is related to conversation to detail. They're not needed so they're not added, but they're supposed to be...
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    What color are Gary's eyes?

    This is a minor issue I noticed while watching some episodes on Boomerang. In an early Kanto episode that I can't remember the name of, maybe it was a Diglet episode, there was a quick close up of his eyes and they were blue. But fast foward to the Johto league and he has green eyes. So...
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    Do you prefer manga that use the game storyline or that have their own?

    Do you prefer original characters or game character counterparts for protagonists?
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    What's the deal with Red's parents?

    I don't recall them ever discussing his parents, or really any family members.
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    Which of the non-Spe manga would work best as an anime?

    Current or past, any manga that isn't Special. Which would work best in anime format? Personally I could easily see DPA working well as a short anime, maybe Phantom Theif too.
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    Pokemon Zensho discussion.

    This one. I've read the first chapter, and I've "read" the manga through mediocre quality scans, but I still don't have a copy. It's a pretty good manga, in its own twisted way. Unlike other manga, it does not really rely on battling.. At all. The battles are pathetic looking and...
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    Does anyone here like Golden Boys?

    This manga. It lasted three volumes. It was canceled before it even finished Johto; I'm not honestly sure why though but it's a sad case, it had so much potential, plus we could have seen Red as he really is in the games. For those who don't know the manga, it was an adaptation of GSC...
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    Which Red do you prefer: The fandom version or canon design?

    Anyone who has seen any fanart of Red should know what I mean. Everyone draws him as vaguely resembling his first design. Emphasis on "vaguely". They may put his remake clothing on him, but he still looks nothing like Red. Red's hair has always been fringed. It's always been messy; both...
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    What's your least favorite Pokemon manga?

    There have been a few "What is your favorite Pokemon manga?" threads but I haven't seen a least favorite one. Why? My least favorite has to be a tie between PokeSpe and Phantom Thief'. I don't quite like the PokeSpe personalities, characters, plot changes, plot, etc. Phantom Thief'...
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    What Pokemon characters would you like to see in the next Super Smash Bros game?

    Well, the game is only quite a few a few years away.. I honestly expect Leaf to appear, especially if she appears, or is mentioned, in BW or a RS remake. Red's hat appeared on Pikachu since the first game and then come Brawl he appears, being that he is the Pokemon trainer everyone thinks of...
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    How should they end the TR plot? When?

    They've done nothing for the team as a whole. They had tons of times to do something about them. The first season, Orange Islands, Johto, Battle Frontier, around the time FRLG came out, and around the time HGSS came out. TR as a total isn't really doing anything. The reject trio keep on...
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    If Leaf has been playable in RGBY, which would you have chosen?

    Red or Leaf? Those are the two known artworks of her before she was scrapped due to the GB not being able to hold her data. I prefer Leaf over Red, by far, so her. Plus I always choose the female characters so..