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    What would make a good team?

    I have a Team Lined up, but I want to see if there could be be any replacements made. Much appreciated. Team as of right now: Infernape Arceus (hacked, but I did the in-game event so he's not all messed up move wise) Snorlax Garchomp Aggron Gallade Replacement options as of right...
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    Maelstrom League (SWU) (moved)

    Had to move it. Please note: All challenges must wait until Euro Edition comes out, I'm doing this mainly so we'll all have some training time. 1st gym:Bubbles the cat: Electric 2nd gym:Tyranitar 93: Dark* 3rd gym:fhqwhqads: Grass 4th gym:Jay: Psychic 5th gym:Cor: Water 6th...
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    Maelstrom League

    Maelstrom League (SWU) Ok yeah new league for those who believe that they should've been a gym leader in other leagues but were shot down for some reason or another. Anyway, no need to post a team here all I need are people who have a team that could fall into type categories, but I'll...
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    Picking up the Pieces

    PG-13 (for Mild language and Thematic elements) This is my first official Pokemon Fic hope you like it. Chapter 1: Criminal Mind "It's time" said a voice through an earpiece into a young person’s ear. The boy then nodded slowly to the thin air as he put his hood up. Shadows hid...
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    A new region

    Well I think that the fifth game should be set in an island region where their only dinosaur type pokemon whats your opinion
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    Have you ever...

    ...wanted to perform a jutsu in Naruto but couldn't figure out the hand signs well I figured it out go to these pages http://www.narutocentral.com/index.php?page=handseals.html http://www.narutocentral.com/index.php?page=seals.html If you do it right I'm not sure what would happen...
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    Cursed Fruit q's

    ok This is pure opinion so no using any word that implies that you know get it, got it, good 1. if a CF person (or animal) ate a fruit that could transform it into something that could swim could they still swim 2. if a CF person could turn into an element like sand couldn't they turn into...