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    A couple questions

    Ok thanks a bunch Latios.
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    A couple questions

    Yeah. I think i will wait on the comp thing. What about Vista Business? Is that any good? I am soo used to business comps but what would you say? I am going into the graphics field so I am guessing one is better than the other.
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    A couple questions

    Well as I have been brought up on Windows and I have come to know and love it soo much. But is it worth the upgrade from XP pro to Vista Ultimate? IDK if it is but by the time i have enough money to buy an HP laptop Windows 7 will be already out. Also, I have a bunch of monitors laying around...
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    i need to reset my computer

    Thanks Latios. But i am not the kinda of guy that would know where to get an install disk. So out of curiosity where would i get this disk? the only reason why i am kind of pushy is becuase i am losing memory space fast. With the stuff i download my last 22 gigs are going to be killed in 10 days.
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    i need to reset my computer

    to the way it was when i got it, you know, with all the essentials and nothing else? i have too much stuff that IDK what it is and what its purpose is. there are a few programs and files i want to keep. so how do i do this? This is Windows XP professional. thank you;491;
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    Multiplying Virus?

    I accidently downloaded a virus online. Apperently it has the file name "P432.dll.000" (rmove the quotations) It hasn't caused any visible problems. It cannot be moved or deleted. It is on Microsoft Windows XP Professional. I have only noticed was the loading for the computer was a tad slower...
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    Horror stories!

    when i was a n00b at pokemon, i encountered groudon that was shiny and i killed it. I restarted becuase i didn't catch it. when i battled it again no shiny :'( once i traded a pokemon from FR to my AWESOME sapphire and guess what? I gota bad egg and it DESTROYED my save file. Luckily i got all...
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    Arseus Card!!!

    I love it. I don't see anything wrong with it. You are an awesome fake card maker. I didn't like the backround with all the types of TCG Pokemon cards. but other than that 11/10
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    My YGO cards!

    Loki and Kol was a little squashed in terms of the pic. Otherwise, They could fool me for sure. I really liked how you made these in terms of the pics. You should definatly be a graphics designer. 10/10. Keep up the good work ;)
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    my first fake card

    Pretty nice. As Cipher said, Awesome for a start. I bet you could make great fakes. I didn't like the way that budew was put in the way of the backround meaning tha it didn't keep up with th ebackround. I really liked the way you got the budew because it had actually looked like you did a GREAT...
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    Codename-Revolution.com: New Generation Gaming

    Great site! My site stinks. It shouldn't be hard to find affiliates
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    You're banned.

    banned for using multiple "s"s
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    It Reads Your Mind Omg!

    if you looked at the board, there are repeats of symbols. So there is a good chance that it will guess your number
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    You're banned.

    banned cause you are a rebel in that post
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    Would You Rather....

    Christmas. I am a scardy cat
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    You're banned.

    banned for not putting spaces between "..."
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    Would You Rather....

    first would you rather keep your friends and dump your girl/boyfriend or keep your boy/girlfriend and get rid of your friends?
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    how many pokeballs did you throw at dialga or palkia?

    I got lucky. One thunder attack from my luxray and an ultra ball. Caught and I was SO happy
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    Shiny male ralts for trade

    NTY. The gyrados interests me.... I will think about it. But keep the offers coming
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    Shiny male ralts for trade

    Ehhh.... NTY