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    Disrespect of users - reappearing ad

    Hello everyone, especially Mr. Serebii. Since there is a rule on month-old threads, let me say something here about the request made by the webmaster in April. Funding the site can never be an excuse for a webmaster to be impolite to users. When they click the cross in the top right corner...
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    Pokemon Master - realistic approach

    I have come to a conclusion that a Pokemon Master is not something high and mighty, but something very practical and realistic in the pokemon world. In reality a master is an specialist with profound knowledge and positive experience who can succeed in their professional actions even beyond...
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    Facebook block font in Serebii.net style

    All the time I come to SPPf I see unreadable font color in facebook block using default serebii.net style. In other styles it seems okay. Is it by design or will be fixed?