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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    I would like to hear your realistic opinions... How many of you would agree that Serena's crush was actually a big problem for your pairing? She was in her shell and with that couldn't get Satoshi's love. In my opinion, to be a real contender for Satoshi's reciprocation she needed to set...
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    Is Pokémon shipping still pretty big?

    Judging by what I saw in SM, Satoshi had the closest bond with Mao. He loved her company even in Kanto. And how she makes food! Any girl would have a hard time getting Satoshi out of the Aina Cafeteria.
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    Pearlshipping Discussion V 4.0

    God, how you seem to underestimate the bond between Ash and Dawn... Ah, I see why. ☺ If you think that Ash's interest in Dawn lies just in her doing contests, shall I upset you - he loves Dawn deeper than Amourshippers think Serena loves Ash. Look at his eyes shining while he is around Dawn, be...
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    Disrespect of users - reappearing ad

    Hello everyone, especially Mr. Serebii. Since there is a rule on month-old threads, let me say something here about the request made by the webmaster in April. Funding the site can never be an excuse for a webmaster to be impolite to users. When they click the cross in the top right corner...
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    Serebii Forums Suggestions Thread

    I am from the shipping section - to be exact - from the Pearlshipping thread. First of all, despite pairings do not to seem to be actual, there are always things that yet were not said and discussed. As you may have noticed, I do the analysis of the pairing. I assure you - a detailed analysis...
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    I have found an accurate proof that the high-fives Satoshi and Hikari made were veiled kisses. Their second high-five was the key. Indeed, there is a foot-popping kiss trope in movies, TV or photos when a girl puts her leg just like Hikari. You may read about it...
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    Could it be that in the final SM episode the announcements in Russian can be heard in the airport? Is it just my imagination or I heard it right?
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    A new question. Was there any information that Pokemon ranger Hajime and Pokemon hunter J were relatives? I mean - why did she know a ranger's name when her aim was to catch a Riolu with Aura Sphere?
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    Don't Give In, Piplup! An Ice Floe Race in the Sinnoh Region!! (1097)

    To go to Kissaki City and not vizit Nozomi... I am a bit disappointed because in the reality visiting a city without visiting or contacting a friend there is a bit impolite. These series are definitely not for meeting the recurring characters like Haruka, Max, Hikari, etc. yet.
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    Let us extend Professor Okido's theory. The relationship between Pokémon shows the nature of the relationship between trainers. The relationship between a trainer and another trainer's Pokémon shows the bond between trainers. According to this, Kengo failed to be a possible Hikari's partner...
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    According to healthyfitpoint.com , 'Massaging and playing with each other’s hands and feet can quickly turn into heated sex, even if you’re initially doing it for relaxation or affection while you’re on the couch watching Netflix. Fingertips, especially, are extremely sensitive, not to mention...
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    Pokemon Master - realistic approach

    I have come to a conclusion that a Pokemon Master is not something high and mighty, but something very practical and realistic in the pokemon world. In reality a master is an specialist with profound knowledge and positive experience who can succeed in their professional actions even beyond...
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    Couples you can see happening.

    The couples I can see happening: Satoshi + Hikari (feelings reciprocated by high five at the meeting and by farewell in BW2, also bound by Buizel and Ambipom); Naoshi + Nozomi (interesting proposal at the end of Grand Festival to meet again); Kojiro + Natane (interesting mutual understanding...
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    Another question. Any ideas which city is seen in the "In Your Heart, LaLaLa" ending? https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/c/c0/LaLaLa_ending.png
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    Please notice Satoshi's face. Is this how Hikari's bare shoulders make him stunned? I even wonder if he could see her cleavage on the third frame. Is it the move 'Charm Up'? There is no doubt - he _was_ impressed. I can't say he is dense. I can say he saw Hikari in a different light. And it...
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    I have examined the same compliment from Satoshi to Serena. She has torn her dress during her preparations for a perfomance, and the compliment from him was a good way to comfort her after her struggle with it. I think this could be its reason. It was care. But the question is: what was his...
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    Thanks for that info, so it is really not unique, but now I wonder how it was served by Ash in each case. In Misty's case I wonder how it was in the original because it said about Ash's sarcastic voice. In Serena's case I want to see his face expressions while seeing her dress and complimenting...
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    Okay. So I wonder if there were any other cases of staring and how Satoshi reacted as well. If his smile while staring at Hikari's and compliment about her dress were unique, it would put SatoHika on the different league with other potential relationships.
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    Okay. My bad, I was wrong. Errare humanium est. :) Have a nice day.

    Okay. My bad, I was wrong. Errare humanium est. :) Have a nice day.
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    Manqoba, was he smiling while looking at that girl or was he just busy with eating? [here was my mistake, sorry] In Hikari's case, Satoshi wasn't even paying attention to a talk with the princess who is as attractive as her. He was smiling at Hikari's still in the context of "It really looks...