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    A couple questions

    Well as I have been brought up on Windows and I have come to know and love it soo much. But is it worth the upgrade from XP pro to Vista Ultimate? IDK if it is but by the time i have enough money to buy an HP laptop Windows 7 will be already out. Also, I have a bunch of monitors laying around...
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    i need to reset my computer

    to the way it was when i got it, you know, with all the essentials and nothing else? i have too much stuff that IDK what it is and what its purpose is. there are a few programs and files i want to keep. so how do i do this? This is Windows XP professional. thank you;491;
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    Multiplying Virus?

    I accidently downloaded a virus online. Apperently it has the file name "P432.dll.000" (rmove the quotations) It hasn't caused any visible problems. It cannot be moved or deleted. It is on Microsoft Windows XP Professional. I have only noticed was the loading for the computer was a tad slower...
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    Shiny male ralts for trade

    Shinys are wanted. Offer away
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    Looking for shiny frosslass

    I need one. I can offer a shiny lvl 100 EV trained LEGIT Blissey. I don't care what lvl but it has to be shiny and have good IVs.
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    Shiny Chimchar for trade!!

    I want a shiny piplup. LV 4. female. Offer away
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    Looking for a flying/surfing pichu/kachu

    If I am right pichu can inhairate (SP?) skatch from a smeargle. So if I am correct I want one. A vt pichu is my offer
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    DS F-zero Game?

    I think there will be one for DS. There would be wifi
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    Shiny magbys and Groudons for trade and other pokemon

    I am running low right now but I am importing them like mad. Today I am getting rid of the magby and groudon. But after today it is 6 magby every other day and Groudon in-between so post your offers. The magby have all 31 IVs in everything and groudon are trained to pokemon of the week. Also...