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    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    I have a theory about the weird car we saw glimpses off in the latest trailer. I'm suspecting that this car might either be the third counterpart of the box legendaries or at least connected to the third counterpart of the box legendaries. Let me know if you think I'm on the right track with...
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    The last movie you saw

    In theatre: Jurassic World Dominion (Twice) Despite some flaws and the many bad critic reviews it was a strong entry in the Jurassic franchise
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    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    My expectations for the next reveal would include: - Region's name - A couple of new Pokémon - Box Legendaries - Release date - Gen 9's gimmick I really hope it won't be long before the next "Pokémon Direct" will be aired
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    Gen 9 Pokedex - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Another idea I had for a regional variant would be one for the Porygon line that is based on the paintings of either Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali. It could be either Psychic/Electric or Fairy/Electric.
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    Gen 9 Pokedex - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    My predictions for the Scarlet/Violet Pokédex At least 95 new Pokémon to finally round it up to 1000 in total. New Pokémon (Besides the starters) : - Water/Fairy or Water/Psychic type Dolphin. I know we had a few regions in which we thought it would have been a perfect oppertunity to introduce...
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    Gen 9 Starters - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    I'm currently leaning to Fuecoco (I have a soft spot for crocodillians, hence why I like the Feraligatr and Krookodile lines) My theories for the final evo of this batch of starters go as followed: - Sprigatito If the extinct animal trend continues in the grass starters, I could see...
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    Purely by looking at Quaxly's feet, I think it becomes a Blue Footed Booby, a relative of the gannet found on the Galapagos Islands and the coastal waters of South and Central America.
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    Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus - Recent Happenings Thread

    After a little over a month of playing the game, I managed to beat and capture Arceus and boy was he a doozy to beat. This was such a fun game
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    Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus - Recent Happenings Thread

    I managed to catch Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus and Enamorus for the "Incarnate forces of Hisui" request. Landorus and Tornadus were pretty easy, Thundurus gave me some trouble and Enamorus gave me a bit of a scare when I accidentally knocked her out because I worried that I screwed up and no...
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    Favourite Gen 8 Pokémon?

    My favourites of this gen include (In no particular order) : - Sobble line (From timid crybaby to badass spy, what's not to like about it?) - Grimmsnarl (A creepy but powerful Pokémon who has helped me a lot in Sword) - Copperajah (I have a soft spot for elephants and I'm glad that we got...
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    Just caught Eternatus and defeated Leon with the following team Loki the Grimmsnarl Lv. 77 Tyson the Grapploct Lv. 71 Diplocaulus the Dragapult Lv. 70 Rowan the Inteleon Lv. 72 Monica the Toxtricity Lv. 72 Radza the Copperajah Lv. 71
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    Post your Sword & Shield Pokémon Nicknames (Beware Pokémon Spoilers)

    Current team: Inteleon - Rowan (After Rowan Atkinson for his role as Johnny English) Copperajah - Radza (Named after a huge Asian Elephant bull that lived in Noorder Dierenpark in Emmen, The Netherlands) Grapploct - Tyson (Named after both Mike Tyson and Neill Degrasse Tyson, the latter because...
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    Who do you think is the main antagonist?

    Maybe your in-game mother is the main antagonist xD But all joking aside, I think there's a good chance that Professor Magnolia is the main antagonist instead of Chairman Rose. My reason for this is because in the previous games, it was the regional professor who gives the "Welcome to the World...
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    Which Gen 8 starter will you choose?

    I'm going for Sobble It's timid demeanor is adorable and most of the time, it's the timid ones who become really bad ass. I hope it's evolutions will be Water/Ghost
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    What new type combinations would you like to see in Gen8

    I for one, would like to see a Normal/Ghost type Pokémon It could be a cat-like Pokémon that is based on Schrödinger's Cat
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    Which Pokémon Do You Want To See Return In The Galar Regional Dex?

    I could see the following Pokémon in the Galar Dex: - Most if not all of the fossils (Because of the UK"s history of fossil hunting and it being the cradle of modern day Paleontology) - Swinub line (To emulate the wild boars native to the UK) - Deerling line and Stantler (To emulate the deer...
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    The Pokémon I'm expecting them to cut include: - The Tapu's (Because of their lore in the Alola region and wouldn't fit in a region based on the UK) - The Lake Guardians Azelf, Uxie and Mespritt (Saving for the Gen 4 remakes) - Solgaleo (Too much connected with the Alola region's mythos) -...
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    The deal about no Mega evolutions or Z-moves in Sword and Shield might be based on a miss translation / miss interpretation Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/bzhd9i/they_might_keep_mega_evolutions_and_zmoves_in_swsh/ "So Dynamaxing is actually a new way to power up your...
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    I'm still holding hope that it's a mistranslation, because we saw the champion with a Charizard the latest trailer and it would be weird that they would keep the Charizard line in the Galar Dex but not all the other starters.
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    My hopes for next week's direct: - Regional rodent / small mammal (Hope it will be a rodent because gen 6 had a rabbit and Gen 7 had a mongoose) Gen 1: Rodent (Rattata/Ratticate) Gen 2: Generic small mammal / Mustelid (Sentret/Furret) Gen 3: Raccoon (Zigzagoon/Linoone) Gen 4: Rodent...