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    Anybody willing to trade me a Max Soup or two?
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    Gotcha. Thanks for that! Just got a Spelon Berry. FYI for those who are curious on berry saying. Look at the table in this link and enter the first word of the phrase (based on what Berry Master's wife is asking for). I've read in a few places that you have to use all caps...so type the word...
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    Does anyone here know the Berry Master Wife's phrase for the Pamtre Berry? "CHALLENGE CONTEST" (worked in Gen III) is too long.
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    Derp. I did mean to post "ability" instead lol...thank you!
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    I have a breeding question for those of you who are experts there. Which nature do I want on Numel for Solid Rock Camerupt?
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    Planned Omega Ruby Team

    Poor Swellow! It was awesome back in Gen III. Really got nerfed in Gen VI... Would definitely run HP Ice or TWave if you're not lucky enough lol. Just a question though...when does Raichu get Signal Beam? Maybe you're thinking of Galvantula?
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    Wonder Trade Stories

    I sent a Bunnelby (I'm guilty) through Wonder Trade when it first came out and got a Dragonite in return. Felt like such a jerk lol. I guess it's karma for all the times I've sent my egg Pokes through Wonder Trade!
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    Planned Omega Ruby Team

    Suggestions in bold...lemme know if you have any questions!
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    Rate my ingame Y team!

    Please and thank you! BTW, it's an ingame team that I use at the Battle Maison sometimes. Chesnaught @ Leftovers Impish (+Def/-SAtk) ~ Leech Seed ~ Spiky Shield ~ Seed Bomb ~ Brick Break Charizard @ Charizardite Y Modest (+SAtk/-Atk) ~ Flamethrower ~ Air Slash ~ Solarbeam ~ Focus...
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    Pokémon-amie Thread

    I've gotten 5 stars below scores of 100 on berry picker before, and I think the cutoff was around 88. Also, I had no idea you could pet your Pokemon on the head in battle. How do you do that?
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    Pokémon-amie Thread

    Okay, is Goodra not stinkin cute in Poke-Amie? Berry picker unlimited is the easiest one for me. You always get two of the really fancy ones if you get 5 stars. I think the 5 star threshold is something like 88 berries?
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    Kalos Region Mysteries

    I was thinking yes and no. Mewtwo was the result of one experiment, right? If that's really the case, how is there one in Kalos and one in Kanto? Scary thought.
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    The Lack of Kalos Pokemon

    I definitely agree they didn't add that many new Pokes to this generation. I'm wondering how much of that has to do with inserting the new Fairy type or working Mega Evos into the game. I guess that sounds trivial, but... Anyways, I won't complain about the lack of new Pokes since they added...
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    Official X & Y Help Thread

    I have a question that I can't find the answer to. Does anyone have a definite answer on how to get into the Lumiose boutique? Everywhere I check on the internet, I find something different lol. It's starting to annoy me...
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    Official X & Y Help Thread

    Does anyone here know if your Pokemon keep the same natures/IVs/EVs/etc when you trade from Ruby to X/Y? I've never played the 4th/5th gen games so idk if Pal Park or Poke Transporter would mess those up.
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    Pokemon you've never raised

    I just now got the idea to put a Steelix in my team. Kinda came from my realization that I've never raised an Onix in any Pokemon game and that I've always liked Steelix as a Pokemon. Even used it all the time on Netbattle lol.
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    A good moveset for tauros

    Agreed. I'd put Iron Tail over HP Ghost as it's tough to get HP Ghost ingame. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do with Tauros due to its limited movepool...even as awesome as it is.
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    fame checker

    I completed it a long time ago but haven't ever looked over the entries until today. Wow...did that bring back memories or what?
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    Hardest Shadow Pokemon?

    Shadow Tyranitar. Holy smokes. That thing was impossible because it would always knock all of my Pokemon out or knock itself out when I was trying to weaken it lol.
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    What starter to choose

    I prefer Bulbasaur in 3rd Gen as Venusaur fit my playing style best. Charizard drops like a rock when hit by anything and Blastoise lacks the durability to be the tank it should be.