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    Things that grind your gears!

    I love that rebellious little guy
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    How strong is Ash-Greninja?

    I wanna see zard vs ash-greninja though it's probably impossible lol Like how would zard get his orders?
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    What was your reaction to your first shiny?

    My VERY FIRST shiny was a chansey in the safari zone of firered when I was hunting lucky eggs. Every regular chansey up to the point had gotten away, like 8 of them so I was like: "Is this the reward for my patience, oh lord?" Then I sat there for about 10 minutes after hearing the flee...
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    Non-steel pokemon with the most resistances?

    Wow! That's a lot, though it sucks it still loses to the water/ground/dark which are everywhere lol
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    Back after 10+ years

    Only came here originally cause some friends told me. I wasn't so into forums at the time but I am SUPER into them now. Serebii looks pretty much the same, but I'm eager to see how things have changed :)
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    10 Years Ago I Joined...

    Ohh, I joined about 10 years ago too and am just coming back! Welcome back!
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Hey, I'm huntin Giratina too! Only had like 2k soft resets. Guess I still got a ways to go :(
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    Does Ash really deserve to win a league?

    I dunno about deserve to win, but he doesn't deserve all these seasons. Give him a win and move on to a new protagonist, making Ash's legacy a cool lore.
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    Ideal Villain Plot

    Manga Version Team rocket was pretty hardcore and awesome. Giovanni froze and smashed a MAGMAR.
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    Who is funding Ash's journey?

    I always considered pokemon centers paid for via some universal pokemon health care. Maybe supplemented by the merchandising and tickets sold for the league battles and such.
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    How could Tobias be reintroduced to the plot?

    Ash-Greninja for the rematch would be SOOO hype! Z-moves would be cool too
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    Team Skull, Aether Foundation and Plot Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

    Oh, that makes a lot of sense looking at it that way. Especially about the golf clubs...
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    Legendaries Discussion Thread

    Veeeerry small chance, GF doesn't care what we complain about lol
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Wouldn't stab be kind of broken?
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    PokeAni Missed Opportunities

    Same here man :( Even the spoiled title hinted at him winning... Soooo mad
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    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    I REALLY doubt it lol Way too similar
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    pokemon fuzion???

    wait it doesnt happen years later....it happens like a year later, i think...actually its never said...i dont remember...anyway yes i know the dialogue is bad, but this is a direct japanese translation, from the game not movie...and the game us mostly talking though Ohh.. i remember you...
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    pokemon fuzion???

    well this particualr summary was just done with the script, i out everything together myself sd best as i could, but i have a bad hand and was too lazy to fix stuff....sorry, but as fr you guys who dont think its real, i completely understand, i mean COME ON you look at this its nothing like...
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    pokemon fuzion???

    HERE YOU ARE....THE ROUGH SUMMARY I DID....sorry for how crummy it is...i sukced at writing back themn and are too lazy to fix it..il fix it later though THIS IS THE SUMMARY FROM THE GAME/MOVIE THAT WAS BANNED DUE TO "ADULT THEMES" BY SATOSHI TAJIRI (CREATOR OF POKEMON) BUT RIGHT NOW IM TOO...