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    Which song should play at the last moments of Ash vs Leon

    Personally the very first OP will make it nostalgic but since we are watching the japanese version first, it wouldn't be as significant for some of us. So for me is a tie between Iku Z and Johto Victory Theme.
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    Which League would have been a piece of Cake if Ash brought back his previous Pokémon?

    Excluding the Sinnoh League (for obvious reasons). I think the Unova League would have been way easier had Ash brought back his Hoenn/Sinnoh team. The fact that he lost to a recently evolved Lucario left a lot to be desired. Kalos League wouldn't have been so easy because of Alain (unless...
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    If this series become popular, we may even get more legends in the future

    Ho-Oh and the Brass Tower (Ancient Johto) Kyurem Original Dragon form Kalos War Darkest Day
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    What linked Gen 7 with Gen 8 in the anime?

    The Pokemon anime always has a way to Link the current generation to the next generation. It's been like that since the very first series: Gen 1 to Gen 2: -Ho-Oh -Togepi -Snubull -Elekid -Marril All of them appeared before Gen 2 started. Gen 2 to Gen 3: -Blaziken in the Johto League finals...