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    Name Change Thread - Read the first post

    Current Username: Shadow_07 New Username: Khadrys
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

    The game happened to come out on my birthday, so I was pretty excited to get it as a gift. I haven't been able to play it much, since I'm basically stuck on the Pokemon selection bag. I've been trying to SR for a shiny Treecko to no avail, but I hope to get it soon as I would like to start my...
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    I've been obsessed with chain fishing after grabbing 3 shinies today- Alomomola, Horsea, and Skrelp :D I'm trying to find copies because I always give the first ones I catch to my boyfriend. Other than fishing, I've also been trying to breed using MM for a shiny Zorua.
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    lmao I always miss you xD Do you have a facebook?

    lmao I always miss you xD Do you have a facebook?
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    D/P/Pt. vs. HG/SS

    I prefer DPPt more simply because it has the Vs. Seeker and the Pokeradar. I do like HGSS for the partner Pokemon and the storyline, but I found it a bit lacking in some aspects.
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    Your Favorite of The Lake Guardian Trio

    I don't like any of them too much, but... I love Azelf's color (yay blue!) and Uxie's design. Mesprit seems a bit off to me and looks a bit derpy for my tastes. :P
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    I'm back on the forums, fwee :3

    I'm back on the forums, fwee :3
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    Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

    I've been on a shiny hunt for my boyfriend lately, so I decided to chain for a lot of them and SR for only a few. A couple days ago, I chose to go after Corsola. My chains kept breaking in the mid 20-30s a few times, it was a huge pain in the neck. :P However, I did manage to keep going with my...
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    What do you prefer, Reshiram or Zekrom

    Reshiram, always. I hate Zekrom's design, therefore I bought Black and then White 2.
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    Did you use your Elemental Monkey?

    I honestly didn't like them too much except for Simisear/sage's designs. Ditched mine right after I got it. :3
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    Did You Use Your Starter?

    I've mainly used my Serperior up until I finished the game, then I just kept it in my party. I don't really use it anymore unless I need a good back up Pokemon and everything else has fainted.
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    If you were a Gym Leader or Elite Four, what type of pokemon would you use?

    I'd love to be an Eeveelution leader! Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Leafeon for my team~
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    Hoenn VS. Kanto and FR/LG Vs. R/S/E

    FR/LG was so much more fun for me. I loved the islands, the Vs. Seeker, and the champion most of all. I also think Kanto's layout is better than Hoenn's.
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    Hoenn Starters vs Kanto Starters?

    I don't really like any of the Kanto/Hoenn starters except Blaziken, tbh.
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    Kabutops Or Omastar

    I always preferred Omastar since Kabutops looks a tad creepy to me. :s
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    Zangoose Or Seviper!

    It's really hard for me to decide between them as I love both, but I'm gonna go with Seviper because I really like snakes. :3
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    Favourite 3rd Gen Game

    Leaf Green was my favorite game for the longest time. I lost my first one and was really sad, as it had my best Pokemon. :'(
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    Aqua and Magma

    I love both, honestly. ;-; I'd love for them to get along and form one awesome and evil team, though. >:3
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    What is the best 3rd Gen Poke to you?

    Seviper, Blaziken, Aggron, Gorebyss, Flygon~