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    Bad Egg Problem

    I have alot of pokemon that i want to transfer to PBR. but i can't. when i transfer then they turn into bad eggs. they are NOT hacked. i didnt get them from the global trade station. i caught them in the wild. i have no idea why they are turned out as bad eggs. BUT i did get a Abomasnow from GTS...
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    Favorite pokemon on your team.

    I couldn't find a thread on this. Out of your whole team what is you most powerful out of it? And what is your favorite out of it? My most powerful on my team is metagross named terminator. My favorite is my starmie name Death Star. Whats yours?
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    How come Celebi is serebii's mascot? i mean if i were making a site like this the mascot would be pikachu or meowth. what i am saying is that why did they choose celebi? is it a japinese site?
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    Looking for battle!

    PBR! doubles 6 on 6! any body wanna take me? Anybody? plz i really wanna try out mah team! plz i really wanna battle... i need to test out a team. my brothers are to afraid to battle me.
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    rate my team!

    As the title says RATE! mew named velvet lv. 100 Thunderbolt hyper beam psychic aura sphear Charizard named Fireball lv. 100 Blast burn flamethrower fireblast flare blitz Snorlax named fatty lv. 100 body slam crunch mega punch hyper beam Venusaur named Poison...
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    Problem with signature

    Hi Forum Searchers! I have made a pokemon Signature picture with gimp. and when i try to put it in my sig it says enter URL. how do i get the url of my signature picture? Plz Help
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    Alot of Pokemon Games

    Hi all who are reading this, i have a alot of pokemon games including pokemon rumble pokemon diamond pokemon pearl pokemon platinum pokemon ranch pokemon ranger pokemon battle revolution If i want a new game which one should i...