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    The Cape of Glass Flowers

    The Cape of Glass Flowers .rated PG-13 .fantasy/adventure .original . table of contents Prologue Chapter 1 - IN PROGRESS ~ Azurne _________________________________________________ Prologue Emilia placed a crusty, leather-bound book back in its place exactly...
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    Spikes and Needles - Preview

    Spikes and Needles This is a short-story. Just a small one. About a love, built and destroyed. About heartbreak, and jealousy. About a curse. About human conscience. How deep do human emotions really run? + "You are going to hate me." "Um... Excuse me?" The...
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    The Golden Dusk, and Silver Dawn

    - This is what would be my version of the remakes Gold and Silver, If I were ever to make a game. xD Sorry for the unoriginal title. If anyone's got a better one as we progress with the story feel free to share it. >>; I don't own Pokemon. The Golden Dusk, and Silver Dawn Chapter Index...
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    “W-what are you??” “Me? I am many things. Some call me the Grim reaper, others the Devil. But I prefer to call myself Trippetta. In tribute to my first host. Nice to meet you Daniel.” Bonedust [rated PG-13 for VIOLENCE, GORE, DISTURBING images, CURSING, and well... just plain disturbing...
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    Extra Stuff for Fics?

    I was just wondering if anyone else does this. It sure makes it easier to get plots and chapters under control, but takes away writing time. I've got so much stuff for my story I've had to pack it all into one folder. Seven college-ruled pieces of paper back to back worth of my plot and random...