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    Official Evolution Record Thread

    Approved by Chelc This thread contains every Pokémon of the main characters and rivals that has evolved in the Anime. I'll keep updating this thread when a Pokémon evolves. Main Characters Misty | Episode number | Evolution | Time spent in that form | #153...
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    Mimey's Custom OverWorld Topic.

    Mimey's Thread. I've made some overworlds of some characters from Anime and Games. Please tell me what you think =D These sprites are not for public use! Don't try to steal, take or whatever without permission! Wich you won't get xD Also, don't whine about me using pillowshade on some...
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    Team Galactic Discussion Thread.

    If there is already a thread on this, delete this one. Well.. So far we had alot Galactic encounters comparing to Hoenn and Johto/Kanto. Let's discuss the characters here.. Mars: Well, she did have a good appearence but her Purugly was a fail. I'd like to see more of her in Lake Verity (If...
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    [»] Mimey's Tiles

    [»] Mimey's Tiles DO NOT STEAL/TAKE ANY OF THESE TILES WITHOUT PERMISSION! Fence: 100% Scratch Stairs: 100% Scratch Tower: FR/LF Lavender Tower with heavy edit Couches: R/S couches with edit Orange/Green/Red/Blue House: FR/LF standerd house with heavy edit Grass (For Pokémon encounter)...
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    Wi-Fi Problems

    Someone I know has the USB Connector.. He's able to detect the Connector with his DS but then the connection fails.. And there is nothing wrong with his internet.. :S And the Support website of Nintendo advised to re-instal the USB Connector.. but he did that like 10 times and still the same...
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    Pokemon Battle Dimension

    You can also look on the Comic's site: http://mimowx.googlepages.com/home With much more information etc. .: Info The comic is about a girl called "Daylene" that just became an Elite 4 member. Because Lance is moving to Johto to join their Elite 4, the Kanto Elite 4 opened a "Test". Trainer...
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    Yet unnamed region

    Irori Town is a town with a few people. The famous Prof. Kiro lives in Irori Town. Prof. Kiro Trainer Sprite: [ Comming Soon ] Pirdana Tiny Pokémon Type: Water Pirdana evolves into Ghirow at level 18 Ghirow Ghost Pirate Pokémon Type: Water / Ghost Pirdana evolves from Ghirow...
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    New pokemon revealed?

    I dunno but .. i know for sure that Korobooshi is one of them on the picture...
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    If brock is goin to Shinou, wich pokemon will he take with him?

    If brock is goin to Shinou, wich pokemon will he take with him? -- Well i think Bonsly and Marshtomp.. I hope that Marshtomp is gonna evolve :D i hope that he leaves Forretress behind .. Forretress is anoying.. Hmmm.. I likehis Steelix... Yup i know for sure now I hope that...
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    Wich starter will Hikari pick??

    I think Pocchama
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    Wich starter will Hikari pick??

    OOOPS!! Sorry for the two topics.. close this one plz Sorry :( It's the first poll topic that i made .. sorry
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    May's Combusken? or Blaziken?!

    Well i saw in the preview of the next episode that combusken is gonna evolve.. did u guys saw that too