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    Temporary Key has Expired error?

    I downloaded a game from iwin.com, payed for it and everything and now it gives me a error saying "Your temporary key has expired. If you believe this message is in error, please contact the program's author." I've downloaded games with iwin before, and they all work fine. I know that my...
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    T.V Trouble

    Earlier this week my moms T.V stopped working for unknown reasons. We just left for dinner and when we came back it wouldn't turn on. When we try to turn it on it will click and do nothing else. I've looked at the cables and nothing seems to have changed, the remote has batteries and we didn't...
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    MSN Messanger

    I have a problem, MSN won't let me sign in! It keeps saying I have to update MSN or it won't let me sign in. Quite frankly I DO NOT want to update to this new version. I have it at my grandmothers, and I do not like it at ALL. I like my same old MSN version 7. Any suggestions to get past this?
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    Anime Support Petition! Read 1st Post!

    WARNING: SOME CONTENT IN THIS QUOTE MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. PG13 ADVISED! *nod nod* This show has created quite an upset for the anime community. And I wanted to spread it around. Kodokawa has demanded he apologize. But he didn't go it very well. Here is the exact quote in english...
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    Internet Window's Help

    Okay, I need some help! If I have a window up from looking at a sprite or something, when I close it it closes all my windows! This is getting very annoying because I have to copy and paste links into my browser so I don't have to re-open my three tabs. Its starting to get me frustrated, please...
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    Internet Troubles

    I need help, reeeeaaaal bad. Okay here's the story: One day I went on the internet and this little alert came up and said I needed to install windows live toolbar I said okay(even though I had no clue what it did) and it downloaded. Then next thing I know, the internet doesn't work. AT ALL. I...
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    Sleeping Beast

    http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/47334242/ Ya, I drew this a while ago, but neglected to upload it. :p Okay well... it's a Charizard and it's sleeping. :p Well I may upload more, we'll see ;)
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    Keyboard trouble

    I am having trouble with my keyboard. You see when I want a upper comma I get this: è I do not know what to do! Please help!
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    I got Pokemon Ranger and now I'm stuck. I can't catch charizard! Every time I try I either hit one of the little flames on the ground or him. I can't get more the three circles around him. I'm really stuck, please help!
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    The Sacrifice (One Shot)

    Well I'm SO hyper at the moment so I'm going to post this now. I'm entering it in the Myths and Legends One Shot contest= http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=156770 The Sacrifice He stood alone, the rain beating down on his leather like skin. His breathing was deep and slow...
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    Club People-Watcher

    Welcome to Club People Watcher! We all do it, but do you do it as a hobby and research what you find? Then this is the club for you! But first for thoughs who don't know what People watching is I can tell you: People watching. You most likely do it with out knowing. People watching is where...
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    Pokeblaock guestion

    Well I've been giving Pokeblocks to my prized shiny Gardevoir and ll of a sudden it wouldn't eat anymore. So I wited a dy and tried to give it another one but it wouldn't eat it. Even to this day it wont, when will it start eating my pokeblocks again? EDIT: aww shoot, typo in the tittle...
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    When Pokemon Attack! Game

    OK this is pretty fun. I'll show you: Game maker: Ok You were attacked by a Slowpoke Poster 2: I was walking *sniffle* down the street when a rabid *sniffle* Slowpoke. It *sniffle* just came out of know where! It was horrible! It bit me alover! NP gets attacked by Prof. Oak You know...
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    Pokemon Nicknamers Club

    Welcome to the Pokemon Nicknamers club for all the people who love to nickname there Pokemon! Love to nickname? Come here! ~rules~ 1. All SPPF rules apply 2. No bashing, just because we like to nickname our Pokemon doesn't mean you can make fun of us. 3. You must nickname at least almost...
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    Runaway~It starts~

    Ooc: Yes it starts! We'll be starting the afternoon of the day the meeting happens. Bic: A girl walked down the hallway, her hair was neatly brushed. She wore the girls' uniform, a black skirt and white shirt. Knee high black socks and fancy black dress shoes. She walked silently through the...
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    The Runaway Café (Neutral Zone)

    The Runaway Café (Neutral Zone) By Neutral Zone I mean Chasers' NO CHASING. Ok good. Lets cut to the chase *one chaser perks up*, okay not that type of chase *the chaser starts muttering in disapointment* Any way to the rules: 1. No random chating 2. no flaming just because we're on...
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    It won't evolve right!

    Well I have a shiny Wurmple and I want a Shiny Beautifly but my Wurmple keeps evolving into Cascoon. How can I stop this so I can get Silcoon?
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    Runaway~The sign up~

    Lady Myuu approved and helped a bit. Runaway Rated PG It’s 2007 and everything in the world is going wrong. War is getting out of hand, people are being killed left and right. Bombs are almost everywhere now, building being blown up. One man has had just about enough of it. But this...
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    The T.V add Game

    The game is pretty simple you see it goes like this: Poster1: BRAN NEW! This new Pokeball will... Poster2: catch every Pokemon or person but... Poster3: Wurmple, almost fainted Pokemon and gassy people! Poster4: Add changes! We see Ash and Misty sitting on a beach together... And...
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    Wouldn't it be nice?

    If there were more random eggs? You know like the ones that some people give you. Or if the day care would come up with more eggs that come from other peoples Pokemon but they didn't want it you know stuff like that. Its just a thought I came up with but it would be nice if you ask me... (If...