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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    Some weird thing going on with the DPPtHGSS dex. The screenshot is in the spoiler. I don't know if this could help you Serebii but.. yeah xD
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    Can someone help me? I have a Koromori and Kurumayu and they both are supposed to evolve in Summer time.. It's summer in my game, leveled them up in Summer but.. they won't evolve! Help please! I'm really confused.. Serebii says happiness for Kurumayu, but other sites say summertime..
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    Yes, yes yes! xD

    Yes, yes yes! xD
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    Klnothincomin's First sprite thread

    I would like give some c+c, but.. I don't see anything that's wrong with it.
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    Does anyone know how long it takes for the boy, that gives you Fire Stone, calls you? It's already been 4 days, still no call.. And I keep checking every day.. I really need to evolve Growlithe. I could buy a Fire Stone at the Pokethlon, but I'm saving the points for Friday, then I can buy the...
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    I think so, I'm playing HeartGold and found one. In Gold/Silver there were differences in Pokémon obtaining. Silver had Vulpix and Gold had Growlithe. I tried looking for a Vulpix but it isn't in HeartGold, so I assume since Growlithe IS in HeartGold that it is HeartGold only.
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    When Sinnoh ends, how will you remember it?

    Good Intense battles More evolutions in Ash's team Paul being the best rival so far Bloodthirsty Hunter J Team Galactic's violence! May comming back with most of her Pokémon evolved Cameo of Drew, Harley and Solidad Tag Tournament Chimchar's background Finally in-depth information...
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    Momo's Thread

    Hmm I think Will's (from our perspective) is to wide. His legs seem to be off just below the knee area. Hope that helps a bit
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    Official Evolution Record Thread

    Ok, updated Ash and Brock with new lists. I've put them in the spoiler because it would become a very long post. Pff.. Onix really takes the first prize with being the Pokémon that took the longest to evolve. O_o I'll continue tomorrow, it's 2:38 AM here xD Hope you guys like it.
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    Official Evolution Record Thread

    Well, I'm sorry that I've took some time to sum these evolutions up so you guys could see them all at once instead of looking everything up in every BIOs. And I've made this thread for you guys to discuss about it, not to get negative comments. I asked Chelc for permission to make this...
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    Official Evolution Record Thread

    Approved by Chelc This thread contains every Pokémon of the main characters and rivals that has evolved in the Anime. I'll keep updating this thread when a Pokémon evolves. Main Characters Misty | Episode number | Evolution | Time spent in that form | #153...
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    Official Battle Record Thread

    Since you added the Pokémon that are released or something like that, you forgot the poor Azumarill that Paul used to have against Roark. I can't help it to make Paul's list.. It's fun xD Anyways, I left every training out, unless it was important. Paul Torterra - Got defeated by...
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    Are people still thinking that Buizel doesn't need to evolve?

    I would like it for Buizel to evolve. I really don't care if it stays a Buizel. But I don't think Buizel will evolve at all. If you look at Ash's previous teams, you see that his Water Pokémon never evolves, example; Squirtle, Totodile, Corphish. I think that Grotle will evolve eventually, but...
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    APCWALT, and other comics by soonmme.

    Woot! APCWALT has made it's mark on SPPf. I've been reading APCWALT for a while and I really like your style and effects. I really like the effect that you use when a PokéBall opens, I've never saw that in any other comic, so kudos for that. I also like the no-gym thing, like 80% of all comics...
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    Oh, why that?

    Oh, why that?
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    Nah, I'm done with that xD Most of the time I'm busy with the Battle Frontier in Platinum xD

    Nah, I'm done with that xD Most of the time I'm busy with the Battle Frontier in Platinum xD
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    The Pokemon Journey

    Nice but, why is Viridian City deserted? Also, I thought we'd see Dialga later on in the series?
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    The Pokemon Journey

    Is that movie special or something that you're doing with EvilPikachu taking place in this three months break? Also, can't wait for the league ;D
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    ~*~Aqua's Sprite Thread~*~

    Lol didn't saw those seven reminders xD