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  1. Lori's Breeding Grounds

    Credit to Astral Shadow for making the banner. Welcome to Lori's Breeding Grounds, the place for your 5/6IV bankball 4EM breeds! SHOP STATUS: Temporarily Closed; BIG WIP Rules 1. Fair trades only. 2. No hacked or modified Pokemon, or their off-springs. 3. Of course, please be nice. 4. No...
  2. Pokemon X Master Girl and Bush Clown's Shinys, Legends and more Trade Shop!

    Credit to LexSuicune for Making the Banner. :3 Welcome to Bush Clown and I's New Trade Shop We Hope you Enjoy Your Stay with us today! This Shop is specialized on Shiny Pokemon, PokeBank Legends and we also take Breeding Requests. Please Read the Rules. Rules: - All Serebii Trade Forums...
  3. What was the first pokemon you knew and had caught?

    So what was the first pokemon that you caught not receive and the first pokemon that you knew? The first pokemon i caught was probably a rattata I think, it was a long time ago, so I cant remember that much. The first pokemon I knew was pikachu. I loved pokemon by watching the series and...
  4. What's your favourite Eeveelutions? ( Updated )

    What's your favorite eeveelution? Now with sylveon!
  5. Help!

    So I heard that if i want to post a trade thread i have to post it on the trade forum. But I can't cos it says nothing on post thread. Help!