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    Team Kami

    i am having a 6on6 battle with my friend and this is the team that i wanted to use.Keep in mind that i made this team specifically to counter his team so i won't make changes. Just for reference the members of his team are garchomp,magnezone,cherrim,rapidash,umbreon, starmie. Floatzel...
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    Audio Help Computer Sound not working

    um I have a Emachines T2862 computer and the sound on it is not working. It says that everything is working properly but it isnt. The volume control icon isnt even there anymore. Help would be very aprecciated.
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    New Team

    My cousin who recently finished the e4 emerald is building a new team and i am helping her do it. This is what we were thinking Feraligatr @ Leftovers Naughty Nature - Swords Dance - Earthquake - Rock Slide - Surf Typhlosion @ Leftovers Lonely Nature - Flamethrower/Fire...
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    This arcanine is for my fire red version that i restarted Arcanine Modest Nature - Flamethrower - Bite - Sunny Day - Extremespeed This is for ingame so please do not suggest any moves that i will have to breed for. Thanks in advance
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    Friends Fire Red Team

    This is my friends team and he dosen't have internet right now so i posted it for him. Venasuar@leftovers Nature: sassy razor leaf Sludge Bomb Sleep Powder Leech Seed Butterfree@Lefovers Nature: Modest Sleep Powder Giga Drain Psychic PoisonPowder/Stun Spore he is not sure which...
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    New FR Team

    This is a team that i am planning to use when i restart my fire red. This team is made up of pokemon that i don't really use so i think that it will be a good team Butterfree@Lefties Nature:Timid????? -Sleep Powder -Stune Spore -Psychic -Giga Drain Nidoking@ Nature: Adamant -Sludge...
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    New BF team

    This is my new bf team that i am making. These are the pokemon that i am using and please do not say oh that one sucks or make fun of other members for their suggestions. Thanks in advance. Zangoose @ Leftovers Trait: Immunity Adamant Nature - Swords Dance - Return - Shadow Ball -...
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    Fire Red Final Team

    This is my fire red team at the end of the game and i wanted to know if it is good or not. Also could you please help me with held items because i don't know what to give them Blastoise Nature: Calm Mirror Coat Surf Ice Beam Counter Fearow Nature: Adamant Drill Peck Steel Wing...
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    Rate My Pokemon

    These are just some pokemon that i am training for fun Meganium Nature:????? Giga Drain Leech Seed Toxic Body Slam I wanted a annoyer set Sharpedo Nature:Timid Surf Crunch Ice Beam Double Edge????? Torkoal Nature: Relaxed Flamethrower Curse Rockslide Explosion/Yawn/Toxic...
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    The fat Pokemon

    I am going to get a snorlaz when i get to celadon city and this is what i was planning to give him. Snorlax@Chesto Berry Nature: Adamant Shadowball Body Slam Rest Snore/Sleep Talk thanks for all of your help in advance also keep in mind that this is ingame so i can't give him curse...
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    Help Please

    I rented Zoids Battle Legendsfor GC from blockbuster and i wanted to know if it was possible to get a booster for the Zero Schnieder???? Thanks for your help in advance
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    FR Team

    I am starting over my fire red version and i wanted to post the team i was thinking about using. Blastoise@leftovers Nature: Quiet( i am not sure) Surf Ice Beam ???? ???? For Blastoise please don't suggest moves that i have to breed for because i can't breed right now Fearow@Salac...
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    does anyone know if there are any good places in emerald to train because i am training some pokemon for fun. thanks for all of the help in advance Also please keep in mind that the pokemon are around low 20's to about low 30's
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    Random Pokemon

    these are some pokemon that i am training just for fun and i wanted more opinions on there movesets Manetric@Leftovers Nature: Timid TB TW Crunch ????( don't know what to give it) Milotic@ Leftovers Nature: Bold Surf Ice beam sleep talk rest Ninjask@???? Nature: Adamant...
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    i need to know what to give my slaking that i am training for battle frontier this is what i am planning Slaking@Lefties Nature: Adamant/jolly shadowball earthquake substitute focus punch thanks in advance for your help
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    i am starting over xd and i was planning on using vaporeon but i am not sure what moveset to give it i was thinking vaporeon@leftovers Nature: I am not sure what nature surf haze ice beam toxic please help me and keep in mind that ths is xd so i can't breed
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    naruto amv's

    i found these on youtube keep in mind that these are not mine but i thought that you would like to see them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5TfLp5oQuk this one is for people who like rap songs it is part three to the touch it remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhP9WpMq9ZY this one is a...
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    Shiftry Moveset

    i wanted to know what a good moveset for shiftry would be I was thinking Shiftry@???? Nature: ???? sunny day solarbeam shadowball synthesis please help and thanks in advance
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    My battle frontier team

    This is my battle frontier team please do not suggest better nature because i will not rebreed as it was hard enough to get the moves. Heracross@ Nature: Lonely Megahorn brick break swords dance rockslide Metagross@ Narture:adamant Brick break shadowball earthquake meteor mash...
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    I am breeding and training aron so that i can get the perfect aggron. I was thinking this moveset Aggron@Choiceband Nature-Adamant Double edge (for use with rockhead ability) earthquake rockslide iron tail i am not sure about ev's though