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  1. Thunder09


    So does anybody know the Christmas movie Elf? But if you do you may reply, but if you don't remember, you don't have to reply.
  2. Thunder09

    Two and a Half Men

    Ok so, this is a thread about Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen. If people want to talk about this thread, that way we can talk about our favourite Characters.
  3. Thunder09

    LeafGreen Team

    Hey guys don't you recognize me? Yes it's me! Rate my Team! Blastoise Lv 50 ;009; Ability: Torrent Item: None Nature: Adamant Attack: 118 Defense:122 Sp. Atk: 85 Sp. Def: 115 Speed: 96 Moves: Blizzard Earthquake Surf Water Pulse Magmar Lv 47 ;126; Ability: Flame Body Item: None...
  4. Thunder09

    Who's your favorite Sinnoh Pokemon?

    My favorite Sinnoh Pokemon is Turtwig. What about you?
  5. Thunder09

    Who's favorite starter in the Hoenn Region?

    My favorite Hoenn Pokemon is Mudkip or Treeko.