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  1. J

    Pokemon Hacks.. the Final yes's and no's

    I know.. there have been things on it before.. ALOT of things on it before.. but I say.. we make a list.. a list of the Oks and the Not oks to Pokemon Hacks. I know there will always be the people out there that think there should be no hacks.. none used ever... but this will be a list of rules...
  2. J

    2nd gen hiddin in 4th and even more

    I know some one has most likly already made a forum for this but i didnt see it so im going to make one. The number one reason I think there doing a remake is becouse of Jasmine showing up in the game. also people in the game refer to things in johto more often. and the number one reason I...
  3. J

    Mixed Breed pokemon??

    I can understand that a didto and a another pokemon would make that pokemon becouse did can transforum but you can put to (sometimes random) pokemon in the daycare and get an egg of the female pokemon....doesnt that seam....odd.. I mean first off it cross breeding which is odd and when you get...
  4. J

    Hacked pokemon good or bad???

    We all know that a hacked pokemon can mess up your game,its cheating, and bal bal bal. But i want to know! do you think hacked pokemon are good in the case of like Mew. you can only get Mew from an event and people like me would dont live near a big city to get one so would it be alright to...
  5. J

    Pokemon: New stories (jirachis wish)

    a young boy is given an egg for his starter pokemon that turns out that Team Rocket, Magma, and Aqua want for evil doing. Will Jackson save his pokemon from evil along with the world? Find out by reading. Ive tried this comic once before but i just droped it so now im gona try and do it again...
  6. J

    New Stories

    well I'm new at this so dont be real mean to me about my work. The comics about a boy who gets in the middle of a big plan buy team rocket, magma, and aqua. I should update at lest three times a week. newest: old: Comic1:it begins Comic2:An Egg... Comic2:!?!?!? Comic4:sad day...