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    Have you ever had a Actual fear of a Pokemon?

    Have you ever had a fear of a Pokemon? Or have you just been a little scared of one At a certain point? If so why? And are you still Scared of It Now? Me? Well when I Was younger, I Was petrified Of Muk,;089; It scared the Crap outta me! I was probably scared of It Because It just...Covers...
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    Skarmory Move?

    I'm having trouble deciding on a fourth move for my Skarmory. (F) Skarmory @ Leftovers Jolly Leer (Going to be Spikes) Toxic Roar --- LVL 34 I Don't EV Train, so I Won't know Its EV's, so I'll just post the stats. HP 98 ATK 62 DEF 110 SP.ATK 32 SP.DEF 53 SPD 66 I was thinking agility...
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    Magikarp Rules.

    ;129;The awesomeness of magikarp;129; Go on WATCH VIDEO. Isn't Magikarp just the Greatest?
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    The most popular SHINY Pokemon?

    +~+ The most popular SHINY Pokemon +~+ ;359;The poll is Up!;359; 1. Charizard (15) ;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006;;006; 2. Eevee (9);133;;133;;133;;133;;133;;133;;133;;133;;133; 3. Metagross (9) ;376;;376;;376;;376;;376;;376;;376;;376;;376; 4...
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    Your Title

    ;359; What would you call yourself? A Awful/Bad/Novice/Fair/Hardcore/Extreme/Absolute Trainer? A Awful/Bad/Novice/Fair/Hardcore/Extreme/Absolute Coordinator? A Awful/Bad/Novice/Fair/Hardcore/Extreme/Absolute Breeder? A Awful/Bad/Novice/Fair/Hardcore/Extreme/Absolute Ranger? A...
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    My Gyms/Elite4 Teams fr my friends to battle.

    ;359;The Gyms get harder and so does the elite four, so it starts off easy And gets harder and harder and...Yeah. So, Please tell me what you think. Also, I Want the gyms to be hard but not TOO Hard, Thats why most have a crap moveset. Every gym they beat they win a pokemon of the gyms type...
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    Your Pokemon Title?

    ;359;What would You call yourself? Novice/Casual/Hardcore Trainer? Novice/Casual/Hardcore Coordinator? Novice/Casual/Hardcore Collector? Novice/Casual/Hardcore Breeder? Novice/Casual/Hardcore Ranger? Novice/Casual/Hardcore (Insert Pokemon here) Fanatic...