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    She's Mine, He's Mine {Collosseum Shipping}

    Okay while I have much to learn about fic writing in general I decided to post my first shipping fic I have ever started on before. And alas it is a Collosseum Shipping fic, {Meaning WesxRui shipping here people}. So alas if you haven't played Pokemon Collosseum before then you might not...
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    Kim Possible Fan Club

    Okay here's that wonderful club made by everyone's favourite Deathborn {Not really}, about Kim Possible {Doy} or if you would like to call her, Kimmie, Kimmie-Cub, KP or Bubblebutt {Other things I've heard her been called on the show} This club was designed to talk about Kim Possible or any...
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    PhP and MySoL

    Okay after thought that I wanted to create a Vbulletin forum and stay commited to it I wen't over to the Vbulletin community to see if there was anything I needed to know and the only thing I didn't understand was the needing of PHP and MySoL. I remember that there for webhosts or something...
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    Video Uploading help

    {Not sure if this is the right place to ask but this forum seemed the most logical.} I'm gonna be recording some of my battling experinces with a JVC digital camera but I don't know how to upload the battles to the net. Help would be appreciated.
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    The Cipher Orgnazation 2.0

    Now before you read what this is all about please read the club rules. {RULES} Please follow all of Serebiiforums rules please. Don't try and go off-topic Don't bash a newbie for a mistake he/she made CIPHER WILL RULE THE WORLD! Okay the first Cipher Orgnazation I made was a real...
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    Kanto/Johto/Hoenn Monsters

    Where will Snorlax be obtained Since Snorlax will most likely be in D/P {Since Munchlax is the pre-evolution} where do you think Snorlax will be obtained. Do you think he will be blocking paths in routes, areas, he will be a wild pokemon {Unlikely} or will you have to evolve Munchlax. I...
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    Ontario Pokemon gamers Club

    Okay it's offical. The Club for Ontario Gamers is now up. What is the point of this club you might ask, well......if you happen to live anywhere in the province of Ontario then you're allowed to join. Just post if you wan't to join and why you would like to join this club. Here us Ontario...
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    Game making forum

    Now people are probalay wondering what the **** I'm taking about. Now you see there are these downloads that with some things allow you to create pokemon games. Now these downloads are completey free. For more information go to a forum called Pokecommunity for they have a section on game making...
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    Offcial Fire Red/Leaf Green monotype challenge

    Well for those of you that don't know what a monotype challenge is, it's where you use a team of only 1 type {Dual-types are allowed}. And you can't use two of the same species of pokemon and also no trading from other games either. I will start a flying monotype challenge soon.
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    The Cipher Organzation

    {Approved by MondoTR} {All club rules apply} All right. I am Cipher Leader FireKP1. This is the only accepted club ever to allow you to join the Cipher Organzation. We are an organzation devoted to create shadow pokemon and dominate the globe. Now is your chance to join us. The ranks of...
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    Group memberships?

    I was wondering about group memberships. Even though I'm a group membership gamer I was wondering if signing up for a group membership does anything special?
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    The neverending story

    Basically I start the story with a sentence or a few then you can contiune the story. You can add anything you wan't just don't break the rules. I'll start. FireKP1 was driving his blue Ferriei down a dirt road. When a stopped at a intersection he saw.......
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    Yu-Gi-Oh made up card set Shadtic doomrise

    Here's the first 3 of 60 I'm working on SHADTIC HEAD ******** FIEND/DARK ATT: 3000 DEF: 2800 {effect} This card cannot be normal summoned or set. This card can only be special summoned by removing 3 card on the field with Shadtic in their names. Every turn this card is on the field take...
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    Rate Ruby Team

    Okay I have done everything up to beating the Pokemon Leaque. So how well do you think my team is. CRADILY Level 40 HOLD ITEM: LAX INCENSE ATTACKS Toxic confuse ray Giga Drain Sludge bomb He's my annoyer. Toxic lowers my opponent's points. Confuse ray screws them up farther. Giga...
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    Your current team

    I beat Xd 2 weeks ago and my dad is currently playing it. Here's the team that I beat the game with. L59 Espeon L57 Walrein L58 Houndoom L59 Dragonite L58 Ampharos L60 Salamence What's your team right now?
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    Your current team {RUBY}

    What's your team in Ruby right now. ROUTE 110 L14 Zigzagoon L15 Electrike L16 Taillow L18 Magikarp L18 Wingull L20 Marshtomp