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    Mega Gallade Team- Triple

    Thank you for my viewing my set. Today, here I have, is a set that focuses on the UU or RU Mega Gallade. But wait! This is Triples, so I should put this guy as dependant. Feel free to browse through this set.
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    It's my B'day...

    Actually it was yesterday... I was so busy with feeling sad. Well it's just how my B'Day went and I know how you guys hate to read other people's miseries but still. I had a blast at school, I brought candy and we all had fun. But the electricity bursted out and we're suffering from a heat...
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    My Pokemon X team

    Well, is this good? I'm a Double Battlist and rarely do Single and Rotations and sometimes do Triples. This is my first Triples Team My second team is similar Their roles play as- 1)Greninja- Support- Greninja gives a Mat Block first to spy on opponents and then launches Surf. (Left)...
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    Hey guys, I'm a new SPPf member and I'm here to have fun and have a stronger team and complete my National Dex. My name on the 3DS is imran and my FC is 4356-0251-3424, have fun in my safari.