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    How do you train lower leveled pokemon?(fast?)

    One way is to make sure that they stay away from battles. If they try to get into one, go in their place. I've found that this helps a lot. I'm not being sassy or nothing. I seriously mean it.
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    PMD2: Which ones will you pick?

    I'd like to get Time version with Piplup as the leader with Treecko as the Partner.
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    PMD or PMD2

    PMD 2. I haven't played it, but it looks better by far. It also looks like it has a better story.
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    Which item is more helpful to you in PMD?

    X-Ray Specs. It helps me find items and enemies. Stamina Belt is good too, but not as good. And you pronounce "Beau" like the beau in "beautiful."
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    theswampertgirl: Thanks, even if you don't know me! XD375: That's good to know. And I remember the voice acting "crisis." Everyone was freaking out. And I think I remember you. . .
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    My name is Manene, and I've been gone over a year. I left in May of 2006. The reason: I just stopped coming. But I plan to come back. I remember everthing, though, but if anything's changed, please tell me. Although I've been off of the forums, I still go to the main site. Just to let you...
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    720 New Avatars!

    Awesome job, Joe! I'll be using these for a while... Thank you!
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    The most unrealistic pokemon

    Snover and Abomasnow. I mean, c'mon, they're freakin' frozen trees that can walk! They are kind of cool, though.
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    elyvorg's Sprite Requests

    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the Gardevoir Trainer!
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    What do we have to prevent a hacking like what happened last year?

    Can I ask how? What, do we have a system that keeps hackers out (like a firewall)?
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    Bathroom SPP

    Wow. Serebii is possibly on a bothroom wall. Very... strange. O_O
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    elyvorg's Sprite Requests

    Hello. Here's what I'd like: Pokemon-based Trainer Male/Female: Male Pokemon to base him/her off: Gardevoir Please and thank you!
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    How long have you used Serebii.net and how did you find it?

    I was lurking IGN and saw loads of linlks to this site and finally decided to click on one. I guess that was around just a little over two yeas ago. Let's just say that I was amazed. I joined the forums a while after.
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    Gardevoir OR Erlade?

    I don't totally hate Erureido (In fact, I think he's pretty cool), but I go for Gardevoir. It's strong, loyal, pretty/handsome, ect, ect. I like how it gained a better movepool in DP. It didn't have a very varied level-up movepool in the third generation.
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    Shiny Hunters Hall Of Bad Luck

    Once, a shiny Poochyena got away from me. Well, actually, I made it faint on accident. Stupid critical hit...
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    Oddest Pokémon Wins?

    Probably my level 21 Ivysaur beating Giovoni's Nidoking and Nidoqueen on my Yellow version. It was for his badge by the way.
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    Pokemon for Serebii Members

    Mega Trickster: Blastoise Dark Sp00n Bender: Alakazam, I guess. Jonah: Zapdos Vycksta: Sneasel (Like no one saw that coming :rolleyes:.) That's all I can think of.
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    THe Official Pokemon Site

    Yeah, it's started doing it again >.<. Let's just hope it gets fixed. We probably can't do anything else.
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    Funniest Way you heard Pokemon pronounced

    I used to pronounce Rattata as Rat-ta-tat-ta. Also, my friend's friend calls Rayquaza Rape-zil-la. I always LOL at the last one. Yet, at the same time, it creeps me out. O_o
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    Newest Recruit

    My newest recruit is an Oddish from Sinister Woods. It now has a permanent spot on my team.