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  1. Ultimate Dragon Knight

    The 1st Annual Cup of Legends

    Come one, come all, and welcome to the spectacular 1st Annual Cup of Legends, and I am your M.C., UDK, speaking on behalf of The Legacy, the host of this dazzling tournament. Now, let’s get to the details. First of all, what is this? Well of course, it is a tournament, meaning that a...
  2. Ultimate Dragon Knight

    *Onto Battle* -~ With Help

    Infernape (Impish) @???? Blaze -Torment -Close Combat -Rock Smash -Flame Wheel Gyrados (Quirky) @???? Intimidate -Surf -Ice Fang -Bite -Dragon Rage Luxray (Bold) @Magnet Rivalry -Thunder Fang -Spark -Charge -Crunch Staraptor (Adamant) @???? Intimidate -Fly -Endeavor...
  3. Ultimate Dragon Knight

    Rate My Team

    Infernape (Impish) Blaze -Torment -Close Combat - -Flame Wheel Luxray (Bold) @Magnet Rivalry -Swagger -Spark -Discharge -Crunch Staraptor (Adamant) Intimidate -Fly -Endeavor -Aerial Ace - Rampardos (Hardy) Mold Breaker -Zen Headbutt -Ancient Power - -Assurance...