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    How to not have the other player disconnect:

    I'm so sick of having my friend code people never being online and having to resort to random battles. Because let's face it: random battles suck. So, i've compiled this friendly list to help ensure that no-one ever disconnects from you before the battle even starts. 1. DON'T use rentals. They...
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    And THAT is why you don't cheat.

    Oh, my goodness. I had the most amusing Wi-Fi Battle in Revolution just now, so being the not-so-active Serebii member that I am, I'm gonna share my experience with ya'll. I'm not the best trainer. I EV train, but i'm not religious about it, I don't give a Rattata's rear end about tier lists...
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    Holy shiny Swablu, Batman!

    So, my best friend recently caught a shiny Swablu, and being the best friend that I am, I took advantage of the situation and cloned the hell out of it. If you want a shiny female Adamant Swablu, PM me, as supplies are limited! I'll only be approving really, really good trades, such as...
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    Want a Jirachi? Of course you do!

    I have a buttload of level 5 Jirachis from Pokemon Channel, and i'm looking for legit Deoxys, which I believe they gave away at the Journey Across America tour. Ideally, i'd like one of each kind, so there's plenty of Jirachis for everybody! My friend code is 1117 6786 4526 and my name's...
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    Trading for shinys.

    Can someone please tell me what the attraction is with owning someone else's shiny? It seems that's all people ever want to trade, and frankly, I don't get it. I own one shiny (a Mew), that I traded from some kid, and I hate the thing. I once saw a wild Shiny Lairon (it Roared), and even...
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    What does Punish actually do?

    http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-dp/punish.shtml According to the Attackdex, Punish's "Power depends on foe's stat". Um... WTF? I'm interested in maybe teaching it to my Primeape, but first i'd like to know what it actually does.
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    Pal Park question

    I remember hearing that Pokemon with HM moves can't be transferred to Pal Park. I've only seen this mentioned once (before D/P was even released, I think) and that's it. I don't recall ever seeing it confirmed, so is there any truth to it?
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    Grass Rope?

    Ahoy, haven't posted here in a while, but i've been tinkering with my team lately and i'm quite interested by the concept of Grass Rope. http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-dp/grassrope.shtml Has anyone had the opportunity to use this move? It says its Power increases if the foe is heavy, but...
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    Gamecube regions- Memory Card query

    I've never posted in the Nintendo forum before, so hopefully this is the right place for such a question. (I didn't see a rule stating otherwise, so hopefully i'm in the clear :)) Okay. Will a Gamecube Memory Card with a save of an American-region game, work on a PAL version of the same game...
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    If Nintendo remade the Pokemon 64 games for DS...

    The launch titles for the DS contained a Nintendo 64 port- Super Mario 64, (and possibly others, but I can't remember) so it's pretty clear that the DS can handle N64 graphics. Now, just say Nintendo and Game Freak got together to rerelease Pokemon Snap, Stadium and Stadium 2 for the Nintendo...
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    Timid Swellow- help me do the math!

    Back in the days before I knew what Natures did, and WAY before i'd even heard of EV's, I trained a Swellow. First Gen III Pokemon I ever caught, actually. 3 years on, and she's level 100. Trouble is, my Swellow isn't all that brilliant. For starters, she'd Timid. Yes, you heard right. A...
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    Does the Pokemon fanbase take itself too seriously?

    WARNING: LONG READ AHEAD! I made a joke thread earlier today, which got locked pretty quickly. That's fine, technically it was against the rules, so i'm not complaining. ;) BUT, it did get me thinking: Only one person realised I wasn't being serious (even WITH a disclaimer), and got a...
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    Journey... Across Oz?

    I've searched, and I didn't see any info on this, which is weird, because this is BIG. http://www.nintendo.com.au/nintendo/news/index.php Nintendo Australia is FINALLY doing a Pokemon event!! They don't have many specifics as of yet, but if it's anything like the Journey Across America...
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    EV training Pichu

    I'm training a Pichu (can't remember the specific nature, all I know is that it's a neutral one) and i'm aiming for a modified version of the first POTW Raichu moveset. http://www.serebii.net/potw/026.shtml It says I should train EV's in Attack, Speed and Special attack, and that's all well...
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    Reply notification

    I don't know how to describe this too well, so i'll keep it short and sweet. I find it to be an incredible pain to have to subscribe to EVERY thread I post on, just to see if someone replied to me- especially when I might not even get a reply! Sites like www.deviantart.com manage to notify...
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    Typhlosion with Discharge?

    As seen above, Typhlosion's Pokedex entries often hint at some kind of explosive attack. As of yet, the only attack that comes even close is Overheat- and that's still a long ways off. Throughout most of the 3rd gen, Typhlosion has been a pretty sub-standard fire type, yet back in the day it...
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    Pokemon Box: Surfing Pichu

    So, has anyone here managed to get the Pichu egg in Pokemon Box? I think i've filled about 10 boxes in the last couple days, so i'm getting there! Just a quick question, though: if I remove a couple of Pokemon, and then add them again (getting the Pokemon amount back up to 1499) is it...
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    Is it just me, or is Gen IV looking... broken?

    Let's have a look at a few features of Diamond and Pearl, shall we? 1. Special/physical attacks possibly to be changed to contact/non-contact Firstly, the whole "contact" system isn't confirmed as of yet, but if this is how the new battle system is programmed, then as many people fear...
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    Will Munchlax be useful for Snorlax movesets?

    As we all know, the introduction of Wynaut (and its ability to use Encore) promoted Wobuffet from the "mildly annoying" tier to "near-00ber". My question regards a similar line of thought for Munchlax. Its been shown to have Swallow (and presumably Stockpile and Spit Up) and now we know it...
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    Crazy story mode idea

    I've been thinking, Game Freak does like their money, and since a story mode appears to be confirmed (see Serebii.net's Battle Revolution page http://www.serebii.net/battle/ ) it wouldn't make sense for this new game to have Pokemon that were made available in Diamond/Pearl a few months prior...