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  1. J

    Pokemon: New stories (jirachis wish)

    Thank you for pointing that out here I fixed it Comic20: http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/7748/20nsbt5.png sorry about leavin on you... ya Ill send you the sprites tomorrow when I get the time... well here is todays update! Comic21: http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/8167/21nsxc2.png
  2. J

    The Pokemon Observations

    Very good comics Famous. lol so thats why no one can go back there lol. IF you keep makin them Ill keep readin them.
  3. J

    (_~.::Xerths Showcase::.~_)

    wow.. they are very good... I really like the Orebyathin but the Shockbyte kinda scared me lol
  4. J

    My first sprites

    If they're really your first they are very very good... but they need a little bit more shading and coloring...
  5. J

    Dark_Hyde Sprites

    your gona wanna go to a shop with those.. thats what they're for...
  6. J

    What if your parents or yourself are a Game Freak developer?

    then I would have all the pokemon games about 6 mounths before every one else.. and I make my own game... just for me... YOU CANT HAVE IT!!! lol
  7. J

    Tiles, Pixel Art, and Other Things.

    wow..... not mush else to say other than.. wow.. your so good at the custom tiles and maps... IF I were to want to us these I my comic could I? I mean yes you would get credit.
  8. J

    Pokemon Nicknames

    I dont normaly nick name my pokemon.. but If I had a jirachi Id name it wish.. to find out why you gota read my comic :P
  9. J

    Pokemon: New stories (jirachis wish)

    Thank you all for your comments... I have todays comic ready! I hope you like it! Comic20: http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/6237/20nspv9.png
  10. J

    Random team generator

    I might us it for a few people in my comic.. Cool thank you!
  11. J

    Dark_Hyde Sprites

    yes thats what I mean 100%
  12. J

    Pokemon:A whole new world

    well.. you make them.. by using the box making tool on paint... but ya.. go to the Comic tutorial...
  13. J

    Pokemon Hacks.. the Final yes's and no's

    Thank you! this is more of what we need.. people saying there oks and not oks.. Ill give it about a week then make a big list of the Oks and the Not oks. so people make more of these please.
  14. J

    Pokemon Hacks.. the Final yes's and no's

    I know.. there have been things on it before.. ALOT of things on it before.. but I say.. we make a list.. a list of the Oks and the Not oks to Pokemon Hacks. I know there will always be the people out there that think there should be no hacks.. none used ever... but this will be a list of rules...
  15. J

    What's the hardest task that you ever did in Pokemon?

    The Hardest task... Hhhmm... My hardest task .. was easy to most... back when the Gold and Silver games came out I gota gold.. my first pokemon game ever.... well.. It took me a week to learn I needed to go back to the lab before I could leave the area... at least I had a level 20 Quilava by...
  16. J

    Best Eeveelution

    My Favorite Eevee is Espeon (also my second favorit pokemon).. mostly becouse its a Psychic type like my favorite pokemon Jirachi!
  17. J

    Pokemon: New stories (jirachis wish)

    well.. thank you for remembering my comic :) I have the update for today.. so I hope you all like.. not very funny.. but ya kinda need it to help the story move along.. Comic19: http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/127/19nswd7.png
  18. J

    What if Pokemon was real?

    If pokemon were real.. then they would be no trainer battles.. because of "pokemon rights groups" and foot ball players will go to jail for making growlithes fight.. you know.. the normal..
  19. J

    Pokemon Battle System

    I think that they should make it so you can see the pokemon battleing in the Over world sprites... 1. you can get sprites of pokemon.. (more for the comic makers) 2. You can see the pokemon moving a bit more.. instead of it just saying it was a hit.. or your attack missed...
  20. J

    My First Chaos

    wow.. love the Mew.. the Pikachu scares me a little.. dont know why.... make more of them! like maybe... a Jirachi!