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    im leaving for a while sorry. i just go grounded.
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    hottest anime girls!

    so. who do you think is the hottest anime girl out there! post a list of you top five! pictures are recommended but no hentai!
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    dont put that there

    well my future battle tower team named after some good songs ^_^ uprising-muse ninjask swords dance double team baton pass x-scissor this is my lead passer it makes my Stallrein invincible with double team and swords dance never gonna give you up Stallrein@leftovers ice...
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    back in black!

    c+c is welcome i will have a shop open soon!
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    this is a shop!(thank you captian obvious)

    welcome to my new shop! rules: -Do not SPAM and/or flame in this thread. -GIVE full credit! -DO NOT post multiple times in a row if your particular request goes unanswered, -If you need to alter your request then edit your post; DON'T post again. -Be patient, your request most probably...
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    wip* ending it all [pg]

    Prologue There a great leaders and horrible ones, there are school house bullies and mercless killing machines, but no matter what people have risen to the occasion...... until now. during the course of 100 years the worlds population had reach 10 billion and raising food was at an all time...
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    splice and dice

    after failed fakemon col_serra has returned to show of his awesome splices! c+c is welcome!
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    whats that song about!

    the title says it all every five to 7 post i name a song and you guys give you opinion on what its about! also you can name what pokemon goes with it! to start song:don't fear the reaper by blue oyster cult
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    any one seen her work? shes really good(and hot) check her out! [removed]
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    master fakemon!!

    please rate my first fakemon all from scratch and suggest names
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    battletorn sprites!

    my battle torn sprites! please rate !
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    why evolve

    am i the only one who does like to evolve all of the pokemon i hate rhyphier but love ryhorn and pichu
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    rate or die

    my team is as follows golduck @ splash plate mist raindance hydro pump toxic Empoleon @ mystic water hydro pump, surf, flash cannon earthquake for electric counter medicham @ fist plate physic, recover, mind reader, high jump kick golem@ earth plate rockhead stone...
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    hey you guys

    hey im col Serra(5 points for the person who gets the reference) i love the site and go here often but i join to be a part of it and i rly want to discus something ;D