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    My name is Manene, and I've been gone over a year. I left in May of 2006. The reason: I just stopped coming. But I plan to come back. I remember everthing, though, but if anything's changed, please tell me. Although I've been off of the forums, I still go to the main site. Just to let you...
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    Pokemon Adoption Agency

    *I found nothing like this and I don't know where else to put it, so it going to be put here.* Welcome to the Pokemon Adoption Agency, or PAA! This is where you may adopt pokemon and raise it. But until we get more pokemon, there is only one of each. You may not adopt legendaries, though...
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    What is the best nature for Sneasel?

    *Mods, please close this if needed.* I searched and found no thread like this, so here's the question: What is the best nature for Sneasel? The site didn't say what it is, so I am asking this here. -Manene out;manene;
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    Would Sneasle mak a good special sweeper?

    *Mods, please close if needed* I searched and found no thead like this, so may I ask: Would Sneasle make a good special sweeper on FireRed? -Manene out;manene;
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    Help with Bide

    *Please close if needed* I've been using Bide with my Seedot and weird things happen. ex. Seedot used Bide. Wild Poochyena used Tackle. Wild Poochyena used Tackle. Seedot is storing energy. Wild Poochyena used Tackle. Seedot unleashed energy. Can someone please help me?
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    I'm New

    Hello. My name is John, I'm 10, I belive I have the rules down, and my favorite pokemon is Manene. I think this is going to be a nice place to be.